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 Eastman House Micah Medium Firm Euro Top 14.5" Mattress

$ 1,699.00
$ 1,529.00

Mattress Description

Eastman House Micah Medium Firm Euro Top 14.5" Mattress: A product of the Eastman House Collection, blending over 150 years of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation, and continually exceeding modern consumer expectations.

Distinct features of this mattress include:

  • Temperature Regulating Cotton Cover: Promotes a cool and calming sleep environment.
  • Firm Density Quilted Surfaces Reflex Foam®: Provides a firm yet comfortable surface, promoting healthy sleep posture.
  • Pressure Regulating Gel Memory Foam: Assists in equal body weight distribution, relieving pressure points for peaceful sleep.
  • Superior Foam Encasement LIFE EDGE®: Reinforces mattress edges, maximizing the usable sleep surface.
  • 14.5 Gauge Double Tempered Encased Coils: Supply lasting support and durability.

Additional Details:

  • Perfectly designed for back and side sleepers preferring a firmer feel.
  • Suitable for plus-size individuals, offering supportive and enduring comfort.

Experience the best of both time-honored craftsmanship and modern innovation with the Eastman House Micah Medium Firm Euro Top 14.5" Mattress.

Mattress Size

Eastman House Mattress provides a variety of sizes to fit any bedroom:

  • California King Mattress: 84" wide x 72" long
  • King Mattress: 76" wide x 80" long
  • Queen Mattress: 60" wide x 80" long
  • Full Mattress: 54" wide x 75" long
  • Twin XL Mattress: 39" wide x 80" long
  • Twin Mattress: 39" wide x 75" long

These sizes ensure comfort for both individuals and couples. Choose from spacious King or Queen sizes or compact Full, Twin XL, or Twin.

Eastman House also offers sets including mattress and foundation:

  • King Mattress Set
  • California King Mattress Set
  • Queen Mattress Set
  • Full Mattress Set
  • Twin XL Mattress Set
  • Twin Mattress Set

Explore these options to find the perfect fit for your bedroom and enjoy a restful sleep on the Eastman House Mattress.

120 Night, 100% Comfort Guarantee

At LA Mattress Store, your comfort is our guarantee across all brands. Not happy with your mattress within the initial 120 nights? Simply reach out to us for a one-time exchange. Your sound sleep and satisfaction remain our utmost priorities. For a complete understanding of this policy, please refer to the full policy here.

1-Year Price Guarantee

Shop your mattress at LA Mattress Store with utmost trust. We uphold our 1-year price guarantee - if you find a lower price at any local competitor*, we'll match it and refund 50% of the difference. This guarantee extends for a year after purchase, ensuring peaceful sleep with every rest. Full policy details are available here.

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Eastman House Micah Medium Firm Euro Top 14.5" Mattress

Experience Unmatched Comfort with Eastman House Mattress

Eastman House Mattress brings a blend of luxury and comfort. With various sizes to suit your needs, it ensures a restful sleep. Whether you prefer roomy King or compact Twin, Eastman delivers. Its quality and commitment to your satisfaction set it apart. Discover a peaceful night's rest with Eastman House Mattress.

Could you explain the 15-Year mattress warranty?

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is why we offer a comprehensive Manufacturer's Limited Warranty to provide peace of mind.


MATTRESS – The warranty covers body impressions (Signatures) greater than 1-1/2", provided that the mattress has been consistently supported by a foundation with slats spaced no greater than 1.5" and an appropriate frame. For queen and king sets, the frame should include a rigid center support extending from the frame to the ground. The warranty also covers loose, broken, or protruding coils or wires that are visible through the mattress fabric.

FOUNDATION – The warranty covers splitting of the wood frame and any defects, looseness, or bending in the beams.

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our Chattam & Wells mattresses and foundations, ensuring that they meet the highest standards. In the rare event of any covered defects, we are committed to addressing and resolving the issue.

Rest assured that when you choose Chattam & Wells, you are investing in a product backed by our Manufacturer's Limited Warranty. Read details here.

Choosing the Ideal Sheets for Your Eastman House Mattress

When choosing sheets for your Eastman House mattress, most sheet sets will be suitable. However, it's important to verify the pocket depth of the fitted sheet to ensure a proper fit. To ensure an ideal fit, we offer our exclusive line of sheet sets specifically crafted for Eastman House mattresses. Experience a cozy and secure sleep with our specially designed sheet sets.

Experience The Eastman House


Experience The Eastman House

Eastman House mattresses offer an unmatched blend of quality and luxury, providing exceptional value well beyond their cost.

Gel Memory foam & Pocked Coils


Gel Memory foam & Pocked Coils

Eastman House Mattresses, featuring multiple comfort layers such as gel memory foam and variable-density VRD Foam, ensure a tranquil sleep. These rest atop layers of individually wrapped and open-end steel coils, offering superior support for a night of deep, rejuvenating rest.

Affordable Luxury Redefined


Affordable Luxury Redefined

There are no shortcuts to achieving affordable luxury. We believe in comfort and durability over speed. Premium materials over profits. Health and sustainability over expediency. Rigorous quality testing over speed to market. This commitment to quality represents the core values established by our founders more than 150 years ago.