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Experience hassle-free delivery with LA Mattress Store. We offer professional, timely, and careful delivery services to ensure your new mattress reaches you in perfect condition. Order now and enjoy a smooth delivery experience!


White Glove Delivery

Get FREE DELIVERY for orders exceeding $999, applicable within our delivery zone. Our committed delivery team will contact you to arrange a convenient 3 hour timeframe for your delivery.

Prepare yourself for a smooth and convenient delivery experience! Our dedicated delivery team will contact you to provide a 3 hour delivery timeframe for your brand new mattress. In the rare event that we fail to meet the specified window, your delivery will be on us (please refer to our store for more information). You can rest easy knowing that you will receive a notification via email on the evening prior to your scheduled delivery. Embrace our White Glove Delivery service, which guarantees a seamless and hassle free process from start to finish.

  • Enjoy the added convenience of having our team of experts handle the installation of your mattress set and adjustable base in the comfort of your own home, completely free of charge. Rest assured knowing that we will ensure a smooth and comfortable sleep environment for you.

  • Get the benefit of our mattress and/or box spring removal service at a cost of just $19.99 for each piece. Kindly note that we are unable to remove mattresses with stains in order to ensure the safety of our delivery teams from potential bio hazard risks.

  • Enjoy the outstanding White Glove Delivery service we offer, provided by our polite and well trained staff.

  • Ensuring your satisfaction and ensuring your home's cleanliness during the delivery process are our top priorities. If you'd like, our delivery team can wear sanitary booties to maintain a clean environment throughout the delivery.

Guidelines for Preparing for Your Mattress Delivery

It's helpful to know how to prepare for the delivery of your new mattress. Before your mattress arrives, keep these important factors in mind;

  • Please make sure that the path to the designated area for placing the mattress is unobstructed.

  • Move objects such as picture frames, vases or any other items that could be knocked over or harmed to a safe spot.

  • Make sure your pets are securely confined to avoid any unintended harm while the mattress is being delivered.

  • Make sure to remove any objects that might be on the floor and could potentially cause someone to trip in the vicinity where you plan on placing your new mattress.

  • If you happen to have a mattress that you need to get rid of make sure you remove any personal items from it such, as sheets and pillows.

Understanding the Process: Before and During Your Mattress Delivery

Our delivery services team specifically assigns a 3 hour window for delivery. If we are unable to deliver within that timeframe we will refund your delivery fee. However if you are not available at home on the scheduled delivery day there will be a charge for a delivery attempt. We aim to provide an more convenient delivery window but there may be instances where you need to be present at home, for the entire delivery day.

  • A reliable individual, who is at least 18 years old, needs to be present during the delivery to sign the release or delivery documents.

Important Considerations Regarding White Glove Delivery:

  • If you have any requests, for the White Glove Delivery team please make them when they arrive for the delivery.

  • The staff responsible for White Glove Delivery can only take away mattresses and foundations or box springs. They are not allowed to remove bed frames, headboards or any other furniture pieces. Please keep in mind that we cannot remove stained mattresses due to bio hazard risks, for our delivery teams.

  • They do not have the authority to move furniture to rooms in your house and they cannot put together or take apart furniture that was not bought from LA Mattress Store.

  • Once the delivery is completed the White Glove Delivery team cannot come back, to your home for any returns or follow up visits.

Our White Glove Delivery service is currently available, in counties in Southern California such as Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County, Imperial County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Santa Barbara County, Kern County and San Luis Obispo County. We also offer delivery services to select areas outside of Southern California.

It's important to note that we do not provide shipping or deliver to PO Boxes, Alaska or Puerto Rico. If you require shipping to locations, beyond these regions please feel free to chat with one of our representatives or call us at 1 800-218-3578.

We will use FedEx or UPS to send items such, as pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and other bed accessories. You won't need to sign anything when they arrive. The specific delivery service provider and shipping methods may vary depending on where they're being sent.


Purchase Amount or Item (SoCal) Delivery Fee

Mattresses, Bed Frames, Mattress Sets, and Beds

Current Promotion - FREE Delivery and Installation for All Orders Above $999 Within Our Delivery Zones

TEMPUR-Pedic Mattresses        FREE
All Small Accessories (Pillows, Sheets, Mattress Protectors)        FREE


Expanded Delivery: Across the Continental U.S.*
*Certain exclusions might apply. A representative from our Customer Care team will reach out to you directly in case of any complications.


*Purchase Amount or Item (Nationwide) Delivery Fee

Purchases above $500

Purchases below $500        $299
TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress sets        FREE
All Small Accessories (Pillows, Sheets, Mattress Protectors)        FREE


Customer Pick Up

To make things convenient, for you you have the option to pick up all items, from any of our stores or warehouse without any cost. Just remember to bring your receipt and a valid photo ID when collecting your order.

In-Store Pick Up/Ship to Store

Once your order is ready for pick up at one of our outlets LA Mattress Store will send you an email confirmation. Please note that, due to inventory differences between stores certain products may not be immediately available, at your store and will need to be shipped from our warehouse. These items are usually ready for pick up at your selected store within 5 7 days from the date you placed your order.

Pick Up from Mattress Warehouse in North Hollywood, CA

Our main distribution center is located in North Hollywood, CA and you can pick up your items from there any day, between Monday, to Saturday.

7356 Ethel Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605


Available hours for pick up:

Monday: 12am - 8pm

Tuesday: 12am - 8pm
Wednesday: 12am - 8pm
Thursday: 12am - 8pm
Friday: 12am - 8pm
Saturday: 12am - 8pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter


Delivery Terms and Conditions

If the LA Mattress Store fails to give you as the buyer, an approximate date, for delivery or if they don't deliver the product you ordered within two weeks of the estimated delivery timeframe you have the choice, to;

  • Please request the cancellation of the agreement. Secure a refund or receive a credit equal, to the amount you initially deposited.

  • Amend the agreement by choosing a different product.

  • Arrange a new delivery date in consultation with LA Mattress Store.

However if the LA Mattress Store is unable to cancel the order, with the manufacturer or supplier they are not obligated to grant you permission to exercise these rights. Therefore they will not allow you to do so.

The delivery charge covers the transportation of items placing them in your desired room and taking care of the packaging. However it does not include assembling or setting up the products. Does it involve removing any bedding.

Please make sure to communicate all your delivery requests, to the driver during the time of delivery. It's important to note that once the delivery is completed the driver won't be able to come to your location if incorrect setup instructions (such, as specifying the bedroom) were provided by you or the person you designated for this task initially.

Cancellation policy

If a customer decides to cancel an order after the goods have already been sent out they will be responsible, for covering the shipping expenses along with a handling fee of 20 percent.

It's important to note that certain products are not eligible, for White Glove Delivery and will be shipped via UPS or FedEx instead. Once these orders have been shipped they cannot be cancelled. Please keep in mind that setup assistance and debris disposal services do not apply to any orders dispatched through these shipping methods. Additional terms and conditions may also apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurements of each mattress?

The standard sizes for mattresses are as follows. Please note that these sizes could vary slightly (by up to 3%) depending on the manufacturer:

  • Twin: Measures 39” x 75”. This is an ideal size for children's rooms or small guest spaces.

  • Twin XL: Measures 39” x 80”. This size offers extra length compared to the standard Twin, making it a great choice for taller individuals or for dorm rooms.

  • Full: Dimensions are 54” x 75”. This size offers more width than a Twin or Twin XL for a single sleeper.

  • Queen: Measures 60” x 80”. This is one of the most popular mattress sizes and offers ample space for two sleepers.

  • King: Dimensions are 76” x 80”. A King mattress provides plenty of space for couples who need more room to stretch out in bed.

  • Split King: Measures the same as a King at 76” x 80”. The difference is that it's divided into two separate mattresses, allowing for individualized comfort for couples sharing a bed.

  • California King: Measures 72” x 84”. The California King offers 4 inches more in length than a standard King, and is ideal for taller individuals.

What if I need service?

Feel free to get in touch with us through a phone call, a text message, or an email. We're always ready and pleased to provide you with the assistance you need.

Can I remove the Law Label?

Your mattress comes with a tag that is securely attached to either the foot or head of the mattress. This tag contains information that you might need for warranty service. Remember not to remove this tag as doing will void your warranty.

Why is it important to have a mattress protector?

Please remember that if your mattress becomes stained or unsanitary it will void both your warranty and comfort guarantee. To fully understand the terms please refer to the warranty card provided to you when the mattress was delivered. This card contains all the information you need regarding warranty conditions.