Can a Hybrid Mattress Improve Your Sleep?

Can a Hybrid Mattress Improve Your Sleep?

Hybrid mattress review – what’s hot right now

hybrid mattressA new species of rave-worthy mattresses is emerging and it’s transforming how we sleep. Hybrid mattresses. This innovative solution (a combination of diverse materials that work surprisingly well together) answers the call to an age old problem – how to get a better night’s sleep. No longer must we choose between coil (inner spring), latex, memory foam or even gel – we can have it all in one sweet sleep system.

We think hybrid mattresses are the hottest – and smartest – trend on the market. What’s more, they offer a cutting edge, customizable approach to overcome the limitations of traditional bedding materials.

What the heck’s a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid is defined as something with different components put together to produce similar but improved results. A hybrid car, for example is powered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, which relies more on renewable resources, reduces gas consumption and emits less pollution. Good for your wallet and good for the planet.

Hybrid mattresses typically have a base coil system (pocketed or inner spring coil) with varying combinations of memory foam, latex and/or gel on top to create resilient comfort layers. These layers work together to provide significantly improved pressure point relief, which reduces tossing and turning. The spring base gives the hybrid its bounciness and contouring support as well as the traditional profile (also known as silhouette) we’ve come to expect in a mattress – tailored edges, for example.

While all of these materials on their own can deliver a great night’s sleep, combining them improves their effectiveness and actually extends the life of the mattress. Some mattress experts feel that hybrid mattresses reduce the chance of body impressions because the construction materials support each other in ways we’ve never seen before.

Is a hybrid mattress right for you?

A hybrid mattress is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’ve slept on a coil, latex and or memory foam mattress and felt there was something missing.
  • You sleep hot and, while memory foam feels good on your joints, it creates a sauna under the covers.
  • You sleep cold and, while you like enjoy the buoyancy of springs, you just can’t stay warm at night.
  • You like to be on the cutting edge of technology.

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