What Size Bed Do I Need?

What Size Bed Do I Need?


A mattress size guide & your right fitting bed

Time for a new mattress? Is a queen or double bed the right size for you? Buying a new bed is as important and intimate as buying new underwear. While your personal preferences may be comfort, style or health focused, there’s no denying that your purchase can affect your mood the whole day long. Truly.

If you share a bed with a partner, buying a new mattress is even trickier…

Do you rock and roll through the wee hours or quietly spoon your way to sunrise? He snores, she doesn’t. She’s hot, he’s cold. One wants supportive cushioning but the other says the harder the better. Being disturbed by a partner is the number one sleep complaint from people who share a bed. Thankfully mattresses (like underwear) come in smorgasbord of shapes and sizes.

If you’re struggling with mattress size – and yes, size matters – pull up a chair and let’s talk about your next great mattress.

Comparing mattress sizes

mattress size

 Queen versus double (also known as full size) mattress

During the 60’s and 70’s, double beds ruled marital bedrooms, even though they were only 15″ wider than twin size beds. Back then, our homes were smaller (and we were shorter). A queen size mattress gained popularity in the 80’s and is now the most popular size mattress for people who share a bed with a partner. Here’s why – the 6″ difference in width and length make for a more comfortable and non-disturbed sleeping environment. For many couples, a queen size bed is the idea choice as it fits well into most bedrooms and is larger enough to give both people the space they need to sleep undisturbed.

If you and your partner are less than 5’5″ tall and sleep in a smaller bedroom, a double bed may still be a good choice for you. Sheets are also less expensive than with larger or specialty mattresses.

King size mattresses – Standard & California

King size mattresses have come into vogue in the last decade, offering couples as much space in bed with their partner as if they were alone in a twin. In fact, if you push two twin mattresses together, you’ll have a king size bed – in width at least.

family bedKing size mattresses come in two popular lengths – standard and California king, which is the longest mattress available.

Because of the size of king size mattresses, they’re not a viable option for some couples. During delivery, they can be challenging to maneuver around corners and up stairs and they’re heavier than other mattresses. Some smaller bedrooms simply won’t accommodate the mattress and allow for walkability around it. Bedding can also more expensive and extra long pillows are needed to accommodate the extra width.

On the flip side, king size mattresses offer sprawlers an opportunity to move freely throughout the night with disturbing their partner. In fact, many sleep doctors recommend a king size mattress for the best undisturbed sleep. And when kids and pets pile into the bed, there’s more than enough room for everyone. If you have the space and your budget will allow, a king size mattress will deliver a better night’s sleep for most couples.

Shopping guide for your new mattress

To know if a bed is the right fit for you and your partner, get yourself to a mattress retailer first. Then lie beside your partner on the bed with your arms tucked behind your head. If your elbows barely graze each other or don’t touch at all, you’re on the right size mattress. But there’s more to buying a new mattress than elbow room.

  • Break out the tape measureMeasure your room and consider how much walking space you need around the bed. Don’t forget to measure doors, stairs and hallways to make sure you can fit your choice into your home.
  • Set a budget – Look at mattresses in your price range, comparing features to your personal health concerns. If you need to increase your budget, you’ll know exactly what the increase will buy you.
  • Start your research online – Arm yourself with information before heading into a retail store to test out mattresses. Websites can be great resources for mattress shoppers but they don’t replace old fashioned testing.
  • Test drive a lot of mattresses – Buying a new mattress is hard work but worth it. After all, you’re going to spend more time on your mattress than you will on any other piece of furniture in your home.

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