Restonic’s ComfortCare® Temperature Controlled Mattresses

Restonic’s ComfortCare® Temperature Controlled Mattresses

Sleep innovation, the Restonic way

Claim your right to a good night’s sleep with a ComfortCare® mattress that pairs individually wrapped coils with breathable foams that echo your unique curves and deliver weightless comfort. All of our ComfortCare® mattresses employ our patented Marvelous Middle® Technology, concentrating 25% more support in the center third of the mattress, preventing sagging. Now that’s marvelous.

Sleep, temperature and your health

Goldilocks only spent a few minutes deciding on her perfect bed – too bad we all can’t be that lucky. From firm vs plush to temperature fluctuations to the size of the mattress, our sleep needs swing wildly as we age. And let’s face it, physical comfort at night can make all difference in a healthy (or unhealthy) morning.

If Goldilocks had taken more than just a nap on Mama Bear’s bed, we’re betting she would have appreciated a temperature-controlled mattress too.

Why temperature control is so important

When your body overheats or is chilled, it works hard to regulate the temperature to ensure your organs continue working and you stay alive (in extreme circumstances). But if it can’t control your temperature internally, it moves to more aggressive tactics, like making you sweat or shiver or increasing (or decreasing) your heart rate. If you’re asleep when your thermostat soars or dips, you’re in for a restless night and a not so great morning. Trouble is, our perception of temperature is as unique as our fingerprints – two people in the same bed can feel very different about the micro-climate (the temperature under the covers). Consider these temperatures:

chilly in bed

  • 50 F – Alaskans throw open the windows while Floridians run inside and reach for a warmer sweater.
  • 41 F – Californians pray for sun while Canadians head outside for their first Frisbee game of the year.
  • 32 F – If you live in Georgia, you check to see if school’s cancelled. If you live in New York, you tell your kids to walk to school because it’s so nice outside.
  • -4 F – People in Minnesota fire up the barbeque for one last roast before winter while everyone in Virginia simultaneously shudders in disgust.

A pregnant woman (or one going through menopause) will experience temperature fluctuations much differently than her partner – even in the same bed. And if you’re fighting the flu or are a naturally cold person, it will be different again. Making a temperature neutral sleep environment (not too cold, not too hot) the holy grail of mattress manufacturers.