How to Write a “Useful” Online Mattress Review

How to Write a “Useful” Online Mattress Review


Tips for writing a helpful online mattress review

Do you know how to write a constructive online review? Unlike being able to sing, writing an online review that’s helpful to others isn’t a natural born talent. Sharing what we enjoy or find frustrating about our purchases can quickly devolve into either a snarky, emotional rant or a mini-memoir extoling personal sleep challenges.

As a mattress manufacturer, online review sites throw a spotlight on what our customers love about our beds – and what they can do without. Sites like Yelp and GoodBed allow us to connect and learn – and for that we’re grateful. We think of it as a free research and development department.

If you’d like to share your experience with Restonic (or any product you purchased), we’d love to help you write more userful reviews.

Writing reviews – think before you write

The best online reviews offer up information that help future buyers make smart purchasing decisions. They walk a fine line between telling a story about the experience and describing product specifics. While even the most scathing or the most glowing reviews can share useful nuggets of information, most people gravitate toward reviews that offer logical, concise descriptions and product specs.

Try these 5 tips for writing online reviews.

1.    Share your retail experience but leave out sales people’s names

Your buying experience is as important as what you eventually take home. A helpful and friendly sales person, clean store and fair prices are all important points to include. Be honest in the attitude, helpfulness and skill level of the sales person but stick to first names only. The powers that be will know who you’re referring to and that’s all that matters.

  • Ben was helpful in showing us a variety of models in our price range and gave us time to try each one while explaining the features and benefits.
  • We felt rushed and the sales person helping us didn’t answer our questions. We liked the store but would prefer to deal with someone else next time.

2.    Include relevant product details

“It’s good” or “it’s comfortable” are hard terms for someone reading a review to understand because what’s comfortable for one person isn’t necessarily comfortable for another. While you may enjoy a firm mattress and call that comfortable, another person might be looking for something with more cushioning. When writing your review think about using clarifying statements:

  • I wanted an extra firm mattress and this mattress met my expectations.
  • I wanted soft, pillow-top mattress but the one I bought was too firm and I woke up with back pain.
  • I suffer from fibromyalgia and wanted a very cushiony mattress – the one I choose allows me to sleep pain free.

3.    Write about what’s NOT happening

When we shop for a new mattress, it’s usually to solve a problem. But after a few months of sleeping on a new mattress, we may have forgotten about our original complaints if the mattress is doing its job.

  • Was tossing and turning your complaint? If you’re sleeping through the night, include what you to believe the reason. Maybe it’s better temperature regulation or lack of back pain throughout the night.
  • How about pressure relief? If you don’t wake up with tingly arms or sore hips and shoulders during the night, then your mattress is probably doing pretty well on that front.
  • No back pain in the morning? Your mattress must be providing you with proper support for your spine.

4.    Keep your reviews simple 

People who read review sites want your personal experience and product details but they also want to skim through many reviews. If your review is long-winded and the important parts are in the fourth paragraph, there’s a good chance your review won’t be read. Get to the point quickly and wrap-up with your recommendation.

5. Write reviews for products that delight AND disappoint you

If you’re a Yelp or Amazon reviewer, you already know the more reviews you write, the more people read them. But did you know that Yelp filters out reviewers who only post wholly positive or wholly negative reviews? Writing about products and experiences you recommend as well as those you want to warn other people about will help you and the people who read your reviews.

If you’ve thought about writing an online review of your Restonic mattress but don’t think you have much to say, that’s good news. It probably means your mattress is doing what you want it to do. We’d still love to hear about it though!