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 Spring Air Value Collection Dogwood Firm 8" Mattress

$ 489.00
$ 391.00

Product description

The Dogwood Firm Value mattress is a cost-effective choice that prioritizes support and affordability. Here are some key features and benefits:

  • Continues coil system: The mattress utilizes a continuous coil system with metal springs distributed throughout, offering personalized support and minimizing motion transfer.
  • Comfortable padding and upholstery: The mattress includes padding and upholstery layers for added comfort, ensuring a cozy sleep experience.
  • Durable fabric cover: Covered in a durable fabric, the Dogwood Firm Value mattress is designed to withstand regular use and maintain its quality over time.
  • Budget-friendly option: Ideal for budget-conscious individuals, this mattress provides a balance of support and affordability.
  • Firmer sleeping surface: With a firmer feel, the Dogwood Firm Value mattress suits those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.
  • Improved airflow: The mattress design allows for better airflow, promoting a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment.
  • Limited motion isolation: While providing decent support, the Dogwood Firm Value mattress may have limited motion isolation compared to other mattress types.
  • Fully foam-encased core: The mattress features a fully foam-encased core for enhanced stability and edge support.

In conclusion, the Dogwood Firm Value mattress offers a wallet-friendly option with reliable support and durability, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking a firmer sleep surface.

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Spring Air Value Collection Dogwood Firm 8" Mattress