Best Mattresses for RV and Camping in 2023

Best Mattresses for RV and Camping in 2023


Key Takeaways

  • Different Strokes for Different Folks: Each mattress has its own personality. One might be super firm, another a bit softer, and another somewhere in between. Everyone's taste is different! 
  • Firmness Matters: If you're into a sturdy, supportive bed that feels strong, the Spring Air Value Dogwood might be your buddy. But if you prefer something softer or in the middle, the others might be better pals. 
  • Thickness and Comfort Go Hand-in-Hand: Thicker mattresses like the 10-inch ones might have a touch more fluffiness, while the 7 or 9-inch ones might feel a bit slimmer on the comfort side. 
  • Know Yourself: Understanding what feels comfy for you—whether it's super firm, medium-firm, or extra cushiony—helps you choose the mattress that'll give you those dreamy Zzz's. 
  • Try Before You Buy: It's like finding your perfect shoes—you've got to try them on! Testing these mattresses in person or reading detailed reviews could be the secret ingredient to finding your snooze haven. 

Our Top Picks in Mattresses for RV and Camping

Check out the best mattresses for RV and Camping available in 2023 here. We have described their pros and cons for you after thorough testing.

    Eastman House Spruce Firm 9" Mattress

    The Eastman House Spruce Firm 9" Mattress is designed to provide firm support, which could be beneficial for RVs and camping. It offers a sturdy sleeping surface that might withstand the variations of an RV or camping environment. 

    RV Usage

    For RVs, space can be limited, and weight considerations are important. The mattress's 9-inch thickness could be advantageous as it offers a balance between support and size. Its firmness might be beneficial for those seeking stable sleep while the RV is in motion. 

    Camping Usage

    When camping, comfort is essential after a day of adventure. The firm support of the Eastman House Spruce 9" could be beneficial, especially if placed on a proper camping bed frame or surface. Its relatively compact size compared to thicker mattresses might be practical for transport and setup. 


    • Compacted Support: Ideal for individuals who prefer a firm sleeping surface that provides ample support. 
    • Potential for Spinal Alignment: Firm mattresses often contribute to better spinal alignment, aiding those with back issues. 
    • Durability: Typically, mattresses from Eastman House are crafted with quality materials, potentially enhancing their durability. 


    • Limited Thickness: The 9-inch thickness might not offer enough cushioning for some sleepers who prefer a softer feel. 
    • Firmness Level: Might be too firm for individuals who prefer a more plush or softer sleeping surface. 
    • Not Universal Comfort: Due to its firmness, it might not cater to a wide range of sleepers who prefer varying firmness levels. 

    Spring Air Value Dogwood Firm 10" Mattress 

    The Spring Air Value Dogwood Firm 10" Mattress offers a firm sleeping surface with a thickness of 10 inches. It's designed to provide substantial support while aiming to maintain some level of comfort. 

    RV Usage:

    In an RV, the 10-inch thickness might fit well due to its moderate size. The firmness could offer stable support, beneficial for those who prefer a sturdy sleeping surface. However, ensuring it fits within the RV's bed space and weight limits is essential. 

    Camping Usage

    For camping, this mattress could be a practical option due to its balance between support and cushioning. Its thickness might be suitable on appropriate camping bed frames or surfaces, offering both support and a bit of comfort for campers. 


    • Feels Firm & Strong: Great if you like a mattress that feels really strong and supportive.
    • A Bit More Fluff: It's a bit thicker, so there's a tad more fluffiness compared to thinner ones.
    • Might Last Long: Spring Air mattresses are usually made well, so they might last a good while. 


    • Quite Firm: Might be too hard if you're looking for a softer, squishier bed. 
    • Not Super Thick: Might not be as comfy if you prefer a really cushiony feel. 
    • Not for Everyone: If you have specific preferences, it might not fit everyone's comfort needs. 

    Diamond Justice Medium Tight Top 7" Mattress 

    The Diamond Justice Medium Tight Top 7" Mattress is designed with a medium firmness level and a tight top construction. This mattress aims to provide a balanced feel between support and comfort. 

    RV Usage

    For RVs, where space is limited, the 7-inch thickness of this mattress might be advantageous. Its medium firmness could offer a compromise between support and comfort for sleepers while on the move. However, it's essential to ensure it fits the RV bed size and weight limitations. 

    Camping Usage

    In camping setups, a mattress like this could be convenient due to its manageable thickness. Pairing it with a suitable camping bed frame or surface might enhance its comfort. Its medium firmness could be appealing for those seeking support during outdoor sleeping. 


    • Balanced Feel: Offers a medium firmness that can suit many sleepers' comfort preferences.
    • Sleek Appearance: The tight top design provides a clean and polished look.
    • Versatility: Can be suitable for various sleeping styles due to its medium firmness. 


    • Limited Thickness: The 7-inch thickness might not provide enough support or cushioning for some users. 
    • Not Extreme: Might not satisfy those seeking extremely firm or extremely soft mattresses. 
    • Preference Limitation: May not be ideal for those who have specific preferences outside the medium firmness level.  

    Spring Air Heritage Collection Hughes Firm 11” Mattress

    The Spring Air Heritage Collection Hughes Firm 11" Mattress is an 11-inch thick mattress known for its firm support. It's part of a collection designed for durability and quality materials. 

    RV Usage

    In an RV, the 11-inch thickness might be a consideration due to space limitations. The firmness could provide sturdy support for travelers who prefer a stable sleeping surface. However, ensuring it fits within the RV's bed area and weight limits is crucial. 

    Camping Usage

    For camping, this mattress might offer reliable support due to its firmness level. Its thickness might be suitable when used on proper camping bed frames or surfaces, providing comfort and stability for campers. 


    • Firm Support: Provides substantial support for those who prefer a firmer feel. 
    • Balanced Comfort: The 11-inch thickness may offer a good balance between support and cushioning. 
    • Durable Construction: Typically, mattresses from the Heritage Collection are made with quality materials, enhancing durability. 


    • Firmness Level: Might be too firm for individuals who prefer a softer sleeping surface. 
    • Price: Higher-end mattresses often come with a higher price tag. 
    • Not Suitable for All Sleepers: Those who require an extremely plush or extremely firm mattress might not find it suitable.  

    Harvest Original Vegan Firm GOTS Certified 11" Mattress

    The Harvest Original Vegan Firm mattress is an 11-inch thick mattress certified by GOTS, ensuring it's made with organic materials and completely vegan, without any animal-derived products. It's designed to offer a firm sleeping surface. 

    RV Usage

    For RVs, the 11-inch thickness might be a consideration due to its size. The firmness could provide stable support, especially for those who prefer a sturdy sleeping surface while on the road. However, ensuring it fits the RV's bed size and weight capacity is crucial. 

    Camping Usage

    In camping scenarios, this mattress might offer a balance between support and comfort. Its thickness might provide a plush feel on appropriate camping bed frames or surfaces. The firmness could suit campers who prefer a stable yet comfortable sleep.


    • Vegan & Organic: Made without any animal-derived materials and certified organic. 
    • Firm Support: Offers a sturdy feel that's great for people who like strong support while sleeping. 
    • Environmentally Friendly: GOTS certification means it's made with eco-conscious practices. 


    • Firmness Level: Might be too firm for those seeking a softer or plushier bed. 
    • Not for Everyone: Some might prefer a different level of firmness or materials. 
    • Price: Often, organic and vegan products might come with a higher price tag. 


    Do I really need a special mattress for my RV or camping trip?

    Absolutely! Just because you're on the road or under the stars doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a good night's sleep. The right mattress can turn your RV or tent into a five-star hotel on wheels or in the woods! 

    What makes a mattress great for RV and camping?

    It's all about the three Cs: comfort, compactness, and climate control. You want a mattress that's cozy enough for a restful sleep, easy to store in your RV or pack for camping, and suitable for the great outdoors' varying temperatures. 

    Can I just use my regular air mattress for camping?

    Sure, you can, but remember, regular air mattresses might not be as durable or comfortable as those designed specifically for camping. Plus, outdoor mattresses often have extra features like insulation to keep you warm on chilly nights. 

    How do I choose the right size mattress for my RV?

    Measure twice, sleep comfortably once! Make sure to measure your RV's sleeping area to find a mattress that fits just right. It's like a puzzle piece – the perfect fit makes all the difference. 

    Are these mattresses easy to clean?

    Yes, most RV and camping mattresses are designed with easy cleaning in mind. A simple wipe down or a wash with mild soap should do the trick. It's like giving your mattress a mini spa day after each adventure. 

    Will a good RV or camping mattress withstand rough use?

    Definitely! These mattresses are like the rugged adventurers of the bedding world – built to withstand the rigors of outdoor life. They're tough, durable, and ready for anything Mother Nature throws their way. 

    How do I store my mattress when it's not in use?

    Roll it, fold it, tuck it away! Most camping mattresses are designed to be easily stored, taking up minimal space in your RV or garage. It's like playing Tetris with your camping gear. 

    Can I use these mattresses for everyday use at home?

    While they're designed for the road and the great outdoors, there's no rule against using them at home. It's like bringing a little bit of your adventures back into your everyday life.

    Are RV and camping mattresses expensive?

    There's a range for every budget. You can find affordable options that don't skimp on comfort, as well as luxury models for the ultimate glamping experience. It's all about finding the right balance for your wallet and your comfort. 

    Remember, the right mattress can make or break your RV and camping experience, so choose wisely and get ready for some seriously cozy adventures!