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What Are the 10 Worst Foods to Eat in Bed?

If you’re a late night snacker, be forewarned. These dietary disasters can kill a good night’s sleep! 

Early birds and night owls agree – when we finally lay our heads down to sleep, we’d like to actually go to sleep, thank you very much. Trouble is, we often reach for a bedtime snack first – and who doesn’t love snacking in bed? Snuggle under the blankets, nosh on your favorite sinful pleasure and switch on Netflix. Bliss.

But food and sleep are uneasy bed partners. Let’s face it, some foods belong on a plate. With napkins close by. If you’re a late-night snacker, we’d love to hear your thoughts on eating in bed. Do it or don’t do it? Best practices for messy foods? Check out our list below and let us know if you agree.

1. Wings – Foods served with wet naps don’t belong in bed. 

wings don't belong in bed

2. Tacos – Crunchy, hard shells, ground beef, shredded cheese… Need we say more?

tacos don't belong in bed

3. Rice cakes – Never mind the crumbs, they’re so loud you’ll wake everyone up!

rice cakes don't belong in bed

4. Eggs – They look innocent but that yolk is a ticking time bomb…

eggs don't belong in bed

5. Banana split – Melting, dripping and sticky… The perfect storm of messy food.

banana splits don't belong in bed

6. Sloppy Joe – If you haven’t guessed from the name, there’s no way to control this beast.

Sloppy Joe's don't belong in bed

7. Lobster – Foods that are served with bibs are dangerous to bed sheets.

Lobsters don't belong in beds

8. Sugar candies – Sugar sprinkles, everywhere. Enough said…


9. Fondue – An open flame + dripping oil. Fon-don’t!

Fondue doesn't belong in bed

10. Potato chips – Crunchy madness that will deposit crumbs where no one wants crumbs.

potato chips don't belong in bed

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