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11 Bedtime Snack Recipes for Weight Loss


How to snack healthy & deliciously before bed!

When it comes to snacking before bed, there’s enough research to make you wonder if it’s healthy to eat anything before powering down for a good night’s sleep. We all know stress eating packs on the pounds but some research also connects late night noshing to disrupted, restless sleep – which can lead to overeating the next day. Yikes!

But the alternative is just as scary. Who can sleep while the Queens of Dogtown rock to Californication through your empty stomach? Not only will your sleep suffer, you’ll likely wake up hangry, which will totally mess up your eat-healthy-plan.

The solution? Reach for a low-calorie, sleep-friendly snack ( think breakfast for bedtime) that will satisfy your hunger tonight without bloating you in the morning. Sounds perfect, right?

Belly up to the bedtime snack bar

String cheese22-sargento_logo

No recipe required! One serving delivers a delicious and balanced serving of protein and fat, the perfect combo to leave you satisfied for a good night’s sleep.



Small bowl of rice

Researchers say high glycemic index foods like rice can aid tryptophan and melatonin production, both of which are associated with better sleep. Unlike bread and pasta, which can disrupt sleep.

Savory popcorn

At just 30 calories a bowl, popcorn is the unsung hero of late night snacking. Sprinkle on some paprika or cinnamon to give your metabolism a boost.



Mini turkey sandwich

Load a thin slice of whole grain bread with a couple pieces of turkey and a pickle. Don’t forget the mustard.



Trail mix

Stir in unsalted walnuts, almonds, cashews – whatever nuts you enjoy most – and mix with dried cranberries for a healthy, tasty treat.


Banana smoothie

Blend milk and bananas and you’ve just gifted yourself with a healthy serving of magnesium and B6, which will help your brain produce serotonin (a relaxing neurotransmitter).


Cup of soup

Warm food is comfort food, which is perfect for a bedtime snack. Pick an easy-to-digest soup (butternut squash or broth-based ones like chicken noodle) and avoid tough-to-digest lentil or bean soups.


Apples & peanut butter

Crunch into a yummy apple slathered in peanut butter, which is rich in protein. You’ll fill up without feeling like you just ate a 4th meal of the day.



Non-fat chocolate pudding

Chocolate is always appropriate and at approx. 90 calories per serving you’ll enjoy the party in your mouth –
without any guilt.



Grab a whole grain or bran cereal and enjoy a healthy, satisfying snack that’s low in sugar. For a delicious twist, enjoy your cereal with low-fat Greek yogurt that’s super-high in protein.


½ ounce of your favorite cheese and a cracker

Cheese is high in fat but it’s also a good source of protein and can fill you up without making you feel over-full. Pair with a whole grain cracker for some added crunch.




There’s nothing wrong with a bedtime snack to cure your munchies but stick to these healthy, simple snacks and you’ll catch some zzz’s without the extra calories.


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