What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what your favorite sleep position says about your personality? A lot, according to all the research!

When talking with a friend, do you stand with your arms straight by your side or with them crossed in front of your chest? Do you cock your head when listening or lean in or away? What about when you sleep? Do you spread out like a snow angel or curl up in a tiny ball?

Experts say that 55% of non-verbal communication, or the signals you send to another person about your personality, how you think and what you mean by your words, can be found in your body language (the signs you send with your body when you interact with others). The same can be true for your sleep position. How you position yourself in bed while you’re sleeping—with or without a partner—can speak volumes about who you are when you’re awake.


Below are some of the most common sleep positions. See if you can find yours and learn what your sleep style says about you!



THE LITTLE BALL — You probably call this position the fetal position. You’re curled up on your side, knees tucked into your chest, elbows bent and close. Sleeping like a ball is one of the most common positions, and more women than men favour it when snoozing. According to BetterSleep, people who sleep in the position have higher levels of education.

  • Your personality? Most people don’t know it, but you’re a softie and you like to feel safe and protected. You’re pretty sensitive and that’s a good thing. You might be a bit shy, but you do like people, so when you warm up and feel comfortable in a group, you can be the life of the party. And when it comes to sleep, you’re a pro-napper!

THE CRAVER — You sleep on your side, with your arms out front like you’re reaching or wishing for something. What are you missing in you waking life that you spend your nights searching for?

  • Your personality? You’re thoughtful and careful, taking your time to make decision. But once your mind’s made up, you stick to it. While you try to be open-minded, your caution can lead your cynical or suspicious side reign. And when it comes to sleep, you could use some help: 17 ultimate sleep hacks.

THE FLAGPOLE — You lie on one side or the other, with your arms by your side, close to your body.

  • Your personality? While your sleep position is a little stiff, you’re not at all like that when you’re awake. You’re a social butterfly and love to be around people. You’re friendly and popular but are also very trusting, even with strangers. If this is you, keep your eyes open before someone pulls the wool over them. And when it comes to sleep, you might want to ease off the caffeine a bit: where caffeine is hiding in your diet.

THE PILLAR — You’re most comfortable flat on your back with your arms by your side.

  • Your personality? Hey strong and silent type, we’re talking to you. Even though you’re probably pretty reserved and not saying much, we know you’re constantly thinking. You hold yourself – and others – to high standards. Even though you’re often disappointed because of those standards, you don’t make a fuss when things don’t go your way. And when it comes to sleep, it might be a good idea to relax a little and nap once in a while.

THE CRAZY CRUNCHER — You’re happiest on your tummy, head turned to the side, legs splayed in any direction, with your arms wrapped around your pillow. When you get it right, it feels so good.

  • Your personality? You love people and love to speak your mind, but you still need to find your comfort zone and are sensitive to criticism. You like to be in control, but mostly feel like you’re not. Surprisingly, stomach sleepers tend to be heavier drinkers, and sometimes wake up feeling anxious. And when it comes to sleep, you often need a jump start in the morning: 8 breakfast smoothie recipes.

THE SNOW ANGEL—This sleep position looks exactly how it sounds. You sure like to stretch out, and you’ve got your arms and legs spread wide, pretty much taking up the entire bed.

  • Your personality? Your position really tells your story. You’re pretty wide open in all areas of your life. You like to have lots of friends and you try to be there for them as much as you can. You’re happy to be the centre of attention or take a back seat and share the spotlight with someone else. And when it comes to sleep, you have the game of sleep figured out!

THE SUNBATHER—If you sleep flat on your back with your arms splayed above your head or clasped under your head, then you’re a sunbather.

  • Your personality? Just like all beach lovers, you like to chill out and relax. You’re a pretty happy go with the flow kind of person and put a priority on making those around you around you happy as well. You take great pleasure in doing for others. And when it comes to sleep, do a quick double check on your bedtime habits.

THE CUDDLER—Whether you’re hugging a stuffed animal, your pet, your partner, or your pillow, you like the security of snuggling up.

  • Your personality? You really like to be cozy. You put your relationships high on life’s priority list. You like to feel close to people and you’re very touchy feely. And when it comes to sleep, you often need a little something sweet before tucking into bed: 40 dietitian-approved bedtime snacks.

Do you see your sleep position here or are you a Freestyler and change your position depending on the night? Do you think your personality and sleep position are the perfect match?