Is There a Perfect Mattress Foundation for You?

Is There a Perfect Mattress Foundation for You?

Is it safe to put my new mattress be on the floor?

We hear this question often, “Can I put my new mattress on the floor, without a foundation or box spring?” You can do anything you want with your mattress but this may not be the best decision, especially with a brand new mattress. One of the most important factors when deciding where to put your mattress will be the warranty from the manufacturer and retailer. Let’s check and see how your mattress can be affected by sitting directly on the floor.

Because mattresses are subjected to warm, moist air each night, they need to breathe and air out during non-sleep hours. Without breathing space between your mattress and the floor, heat from above pulls moisture from below, creating the ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. And we all know, mold can cause serious and ongoing health issues.

Placing your mattress on the floor might provide a chic space but is it worth ruining your mattress and having possible health issues due to growth mold? “Well, what do I do then?” We’re ready to provide several solutions to make your room look stylish AND give your mattress a wonderful lifespan.

Metal foundation for your mattress

Metal bed frames are a classic old-school look that have stood the test of time. They’re a subtle way of supporting your mattress and, most importantly, are affordable. The metal foundation provides extra storage space below your bed – extra space is always appreciated. Metal is highly durable and doesn’t easily scratch.

Platform bed foundation

You just bought a new mattress and you’re thinking of trying a different foundation this time around. If you’re considering ditching the box spring, a platform bed might be for you. Platform beds don’t need a box spring as the mattress rests directly on the foundation. The frame consists of wood slats that provide all the necessary support and breathability for the mattress. Platform beds take up less space and add a unique design look, which can add more character and charm to your bedroom.


Adjustable foundation for your mattress

Whether you have back pain, work long hours or love to relax – an adjustable bed might be for you. The bed adjusts to your needs. If you need to finish some work in bed – it adjust. If you suffer from back pain – it adjusts to your comfort level. If you enjoy watching Netflix in bed – it adjusts and some even deliver a relaxing massage too. Adjustable frames have different levels of comfort and features, so be sure to try them out before purchasing.

What works for you?

Depending on your sleep preferences, there are many options of how and where to position your mattress in your bedroom. Buying a new foundation can be a daunting task so shop around, read reviews and test them out.