DIY Guide to Better Sleep

DIY Guide to Better Sleep

Time for a refresh

When you feel fatigued during the day, you aren’t at your best – and it shows. Sleep is essential for mind and body functions during the day – concentration, creativity and motivation suffers when exhaustion is at its peak.

We’ve been working around the clock and enjoying a comfy Restonic sleep doesn’t always happen. Time to plan some DIY tips to banish fatigue and feel refreshed during the day.

Prime your bedroom

Think of your bedroom as your sleep palace, your throne room for rest, rejuvenation and a decadently healthy life. This space needs to be your personal haven, and free from distractions that interfere with sleep.

• Keep your sleep sanctuary free from excess clutter.
Make it cool. The ideal temp for sleep is 65F – 70F (18C – 21C).
Make it dark. Your internal clock needs darkness to reset through the night and function optimally.
• Shut down electronics. TV’s, iPads and phones impair your rest due to the LED blue light.
• Keep it comfy. Use breathable building and wash linens every 2 weeks.

Allow time for adequate rest

One of the best ways to prevent tiredness is to schedule enough time for sleep. It’s impossible to cram 8 hours of sleep in a 6 hour window!

Our friends at WebMD, have found that people who allotted 6 hours in bed only slept for 5.7 hours on average. When those same people allotted 10 hours for sleep, they actually slept a whopping 8.5 hours. It takes the average person about 20 minutes to fall asleep, so factor that in when deciding how much time you’ll allot for sleep each night.

Watch drink and food intake

Food and drink affects how you sleep. Try incorporating more green veggies, coconut oil and salmon into your dinner for better sleep. Throughout the day, carbohydrates can help keep your mind and body more alert.

For a less sluggish afternoon, try nuts and yogurt and ditch sugary treats.

Take a nap when needed

Don’t be ashamed of taking a nap if you’re tired. Naps get a bad rap, but a quick lunchtime snooze can rejuvenate and refresh your body. Learn the art and science of the daytime nap and stay energized for the rest of your day.

Learn to fall asleep faster

Many hours of sleep are lost from lying awake with a cluttered mind. Here are several ways to reduce mental clutter and fall asleep faster.
• Use your bed for sleeping (and the other “S” word thing we do in bed).
• Avoid looking at the time.
• Take a bath or shower before bed. The temperature drop afterward will induce sleepiness.

It’s easy to think of sleep as a waste of time when there’s so much to do and experience. But being well rested offers a smorgasbord of short-term AND long-term benefits that make it worthwhile. Making sleep a priority in your life means less daytime tiredness, better productivity, more brain power and a healthier body. Sweet, right?