What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your Sleep Habits?

What Does Your Horoscope Say About Your Sleep Habits?

Look to the heavens and your horoscope to discover how you can get better quality rest

No matter what your astrological sign might be, sleep truly matters to everyone. It ranks right up there with diet and exercise in shaping your overall health, both now and in the future. With that in mind, it might be time to look to the stars to discover what they say about how you sleep and what you can do to make it better.


You headstrong Arians likes to get your own way and can’t get adequate rest when you don’t. Your heads just won’t stop, so headaches and anxiety may prevent you from falling asleep. If those things aren’t in play, it’s an excess of energy that stops you from settling down at night.

How to fix your sleep – Take stress-reducing measures before slipping into bed. That means meditation,  soothing music or maybe yoga. Bedmates of Aries should be prepared for a battle over who gets the blankets.


Your bedroom has to be just so in order for you to get to sleep. You don’t mind spending extra money on lovely linens – high thread-count sheets, a quality mattress and well-chosen accessories. And while you enjoy the finer things in life, you tend to hang onto old things a bit too long because you despise change.

How to fix your sleep – Keep conversations light and cheery before you turn in for the night, lest your tendency to argue until proven right disturbs the peace.


Bedtime comes too soon for Geminis who don’t abhor sleep – because you might miss something. You linger longer at parties and stay up into the wee hours on occasion to feed your sense of curiosity. You’ll delay turning off your bedside night in order to keep reading something that appeals to your intellect or engages your curiosity.

How to fix your sleep – Learn to focus on your need for sleep and aim for calm. Time to buy a yoga mat!


You love to nest and make things perfect, so heading to bed while there are dirty dishes still in the sink or laundry waiting to be put away isn’t something you’re likely to do. Your worst nightmare would be a houseguest who spots dust on your floors or any other imperfection.

How to fix your sleep – It’s not all about you. Most of the things you worry about are to nurture others, which is why you’re so loveable! Try not to ruminate over things to avoid insomnia or nightmares.


You’re the lion so you adore sleeping. But the circumstances have to be optimal. You want your loved ones near, supreme comfort in a bed and a peaceful environment. If there’s noise in your home – yelling kids or a snoring spouse, you may roar with disapproval or snarl at the ones you love most.

How to fix your sleep – You’re sweet or sour (depending on the day), so your bedmates should give you plenty of space until he or she determines your mood.


You know that you should follow a routine to appease your need to be organized and scheduled, but there’s always something that keeps you from doing that. You flit about before bedtime because you’re worried about something – work, chores and what you’ll eat for breakfast. When you do get into bed, your sheets and blankets have to be neat and wrinkle-free, or you’ll risk being distracted from sleep.

How to fix your sleep – Consider calming your over-taxed mind with a sleep-inducing herbal tea.


Well-rested Librans are wonderful to be around, but when you get too much or too little sleep, you become a force of nature. Your bedroom is a spiritual haven and you’re the zodiac sign that’s most likely to have a dream catcher in your house or a few crystals on hand to impart good energy. Or you may cater to your adventurous side and choose leopard print sheets and red walls. Either is fine as long as it creates the sanctuary you crave.

How to fix your sleep – Make sure a good night’s sleep is a priority.


“Do not go gentle into that good night,” poet Dylan Thomas once wrote. That’s your unofficial motto, isn’t it? You’re a night owl that fights sleep. You’ve got better things to do and, well, bedtime is boring. Don’t prolong it too long because it just adds to the fire and intensity of your personality that can scare off people.

How to fix your sleep – Try chilling for a change – sit on your sofa and watch Netflix once in a while. Hit the hay before midnight to soothe your soul.


Affable Sagittarians feed off the energy of others. You love to socialize and be surrounded with friends and family. When it comes to your sleep habits, you’re content to share your bed and snuggle up with your significant other. Your dreams are vivid, colorful and often focus on traveling. While off exploring, jetlag hits you harder than others but you’re so keen to travel that sleep is an annoying afterthought.

How to fix your sleep – Yes, you can do it all, but treat your body kindly with enough rest.


Sleep to a Capricorn is just another task on your to-do list. You don’t experience a lot of joy from it because you prefer to be head down in your work. That tendency catches up to you now and then, pushing you close to burnout. The irony is that you’ll get more done if you do treat sleep like fuel.

How to fix your sleep – Better rest equals better results. Slow down a bit and incorporate pleasant bedtime rituals into your life – whether it’s a leisurely bubble bath or watching a silly half-hour sitcom.


You’re always thinking about what’s next because you’re always looking ahead for the next big opportunity. You’re prone to worry and anxiety – two qualities that are not sleep friendly in the least. Watching TV or surfing on the net close to bedtime won’t help either.

How to fix your sleep – You really do need to unplug and unwind and take time to soothe your soul. Consider deep breathing exercises or some light reading instead. While you can’t turn off your busy brain, you can slow it down and get some rest.


If there’s pain or hardship in your circle, you’ll feel it and absorb it. You’re the most spiritual of all Zodiac signs and known for your empathy and compassion. It’s a wonderful quality, but it means that you can get overwhelmed easily.

How to fix your brain – Sleep is an important way to recharge your energy again for another day. It’s okay to put yourself first, Pisces – emails don’t need to be answered right away and your world won’t stop turning if you put things off for another day.

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