How to Dispose of a Mattress: Properly Free and Paid Options

How to Dispose of a Mattress: Properly Free and Paid Options

How To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress In Los Angeles

When it comes to getting rid of a mattress, in Los Angeles there are options available. You can dispose of it by throwing it out with the trash donating it to someone in need or exploring methods of disposal. In the following section we will discuss these choices for mattress disposal, in Los Angeles. Explain how each method can be utilized.

12 Ways To Remove An Old Mattress

Getting rid of mattresses as other furniture items and particularly heavy household appliances is often considered one of the most difficult tasks, in a home. Moving them can be quite challenging and in some cases it may even seem impossible because of their size and weight.

Mattress Disposal through Los Angeles Department of Sanitation

The Los Angeles County Department of Sanitation is responsible, for handling the collection of garbage and recyclables, in the city and surrounding areas. Fortunately this public service also includes the disposal of mattresses. If you live in the areas of Los Angeles you can take advantage of the garbage collection services provided twice a week. To have your mattress removed simply submit a service request through the Los Angeles County Department of Sanitation.

Mattress Disposal with Bulky Waste Pick-Up Services

Most cities provide a service, for picking up waste, which helps residents get rid of unwanted items such as mattresses. In Los Angeles you can schedule a waste pickup by contacting LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN).

LASAN encourages residents to recycle mattresses. Its important to note that not all materials or components of a mattress can be recycled. This means that not all mattresses are eligible for recycling services. If recycling is not possible it's best to dispose of the mattress in a way.

For mattresses and other furniture, in condition it's an idea to consider donating them to charities or thrift stores.

Mattress Recycling in Los Angeles

Recycling your mattress has become easier because of the increasing number of mattresses discarded each year in the United States along, with the growing demand for eco materials. Fortunately there are recycling centers in the area that specialize in recycling mattresses instead of simply disposing them in landfills. The Mattress Recycling Council operates locations near Los Angeles and nearby areas where you can conveniently drop off your mattress, for recycling purposes.

Dumpster Rental


Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster can be a solution, for getting rid of mattresses, excess trash, clutter and other items you no longer want in your home. It's particularly useful, during home renovations or when you're moving. These companies allow you to rent a dumpster for a period of time. Then they'll come to pick it up and take it away. The rental prices can vary depending on the size of the dumpster and how long you need it for. Typically renting a dumpster can cost from $200 to $1,000 depending on your location.

Mattress Disposal Process with Professional Services

Getting rid of your mattress on your own there are various options available, in Los Angeles to schedule or coordinate a pickup for your mattress. You can contact junk removal. Hauling companies who will gladly collect your mattress or any other bulky items for a charge. Moreover if you have an used mattress that you wish to donate certain charities or thrift shops can arrange a pickup, for you. Just make sure to verify whether the organization or shop you intend to donate to provides such a service.

Online Marketplaces for Mattress Disposal Solutions

If you have a mattress, in condition and want to earn some extra money there are several methods to sell or even give it away online. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist Letgo and others make it easy for you to sell or give away your items. In Los Angeles it should be straightforward to sell or give away a mattress due, to the user nature and accessibility of these websites and apps.

Los Angeles Mattress Donation

A lot of retailers online stores offer a service where they'll take away your old mattress when you buy a new one. This is often included in their white glove delivery service. They'll arrange a time to come and collect it or they'll handle the removal themselves and set up your new mattress for you. You can rest assured that your unwanted mattress will be properly taken out of your house and either donated, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

Mattress Disposal: Exploring Deconstruction

If you have the required time, space and tools it is possible to disassemble a mattress and repurpose its parts for various projects. For instance you can utilize the cloth or the wooden frame, from the box spring for an endeavor. Additionally if the mattress includes springs extracting them and selling them at a metal scrap yard can provide some cash to make the deconstruction process more worthwhile.

Dispose of Mattress at the Landfill

Are you interested, in taking care of disposing of your mattress by yourself? Many landfills allow you to bring your mattress to their facility and take care of getting rid of it. However there are some facilities that may not offer this option. If you happen to be, in Los Angeles it's an idea to verify with the Solid Waste Information Management System Database.

Contact the Manufacturer

Many mattress companies, retailers can help with the disposal of your old mattress. This is especially true if you have recently purchased a mattress, from the company. Some even offer recycling services after removing your mattress. However it is important to note that there is no guarantee that the company you bought the mattress from will recycle or properly dispose of your one. To ensure they provide this service it's advisable to contact the customer care department of the company before making your purchase.


Fortunately Los Angeles County provides recycling events, at locations throughout the city at different times of the year. Residents have the opportunity to bring their mattresses to these sites for recycling without any charge. The Countywide Mattress Recycling Program sponsors these community collection events to ensure disposal and recycling. You can be a part of the thousands of locals who have already taken advantage of these services! Additionally residents, in the county can also request pick up services for items by contacting their waste management services.


How Long Should Your Mattress Last?

Typically a mattress tends to have a lifespan of, around 8 to 10 years. However the actual longevity of your mattress relies on factors such, as the type of mattress you own. How well you maintain it.

Here's an estimate of how long different types of mattresses can last:

Mattress Type Average Lifespan 
Innerspring 7 to 10 years
Memory foam 10 to 15 years
Gel Foam 10 to 15 years
Latex Up to 15 years
Hybrid Up to 10 years


Getting rid of your mattress might feel like a task but don't worry! I've got you covered with a range of solutions that will make the process easy and environmentally friendly. No matter what your preferences or situation may be these options will help you say goodbye to your mattress responsibly while enjoying the luxury of a nights sleep in a brand bed.