Deflating Intex Air Mattress

How to Deflate an Intex Air Mattress? 5 Ways Explained Step-by-Step

Key Takeaways 

  1. Clear Space: Make sure the area around the mattress is clear before deflating.
  2. Find the Valve: Locate the valve on the mattress to release the air.
  3. Roll Method: Roll the mattress to expel the air gradually.
  4. Apply Pressure: Press down while rolling to remove excess air.
  5. Fold and Press: Fold the mattress to remove any remaining air pockets.
  6. Check the Valve: Ensure the valve is closed securely after deflating.
  7. Follow Instructions: Pack the mattress as per the manufacturer's guidelines for storage or travel.
  8. Patience is Key: Take your time to ensure all the air is out before storing or moving the mattress.

Tips for Deflating an Intex Air Mattress

  • Use Your Body Weight: Apply gentle pressure while rolling to expel air effectively.
  • Work Slowly: Rushing may lead to air pockets. Take your time for a thorough deflation.
  • Fold Method: If rolling isn't working, try folding the mattress to push out air.
  • Utilize Gravity: Position the mattress so gravity helps in air removal.
  • Double Check the Valve: Ensure it's open fully for maximum airflow.
  • Team Effort: Enlist a friend to assist in rolling or folding for quicker deflation.
  • Read the Manual: Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for specific deflation instructions.

Things to Know 

  • Valve Location: Find the valve and open it to let the air out.
  • Roll or Fold: Roll or fold the mattress to push the air out.
  • Be Patient: Take your time to get all the air out properly.
  • Secure Closure: Close the valve tightly when done.
  • No Rushing: Take your time; rushing might make the air stay inside.
  • Use Your Arms: Apply gentle pressure using your hands to squeeze the air out.
  • Check for Leaks: Keep an eye out for any holes while deflating.
  • Keep it Flat: Flatten the mattress as much as possible to get the air out.
  • Comfy Storage: Store it in a cool, dry place for its next adventure.
  • Safety First: Avoid sharp objects that could damage the mattress during deflation.
  • Gentle Handling: Be gentle while handling to avoid tears or punctures.

5 Ways to Deflate Your Intex Air Mattress Explained Step-by-Step

1. Coaxing Air Out with Massage

Begin this deflation by locating the valve—it's the doorway to the deflation adventure. Once you've found it, crack it open and start your mattress-folding - coaxing the air out along the way.

Employ a gentle press or a soothing massage to assist the air's escape plan. Keep a close eye on it until it's as flat as a calm lake on a windless day. Once you've achieved that ultimate flatness, lock that valve securely. 

2. Using an Electric Air Pump

Now comes the option of using an electric air pumpBefore you dive in, grab the nozzle that fits your pump and hunt down the valve on your Intex air mattress.

Once you've got that set, plug in your pump and make sure it's hooked up nice and tight to that valve—like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly!

Now, flick that switch and let the air-pumping start! Watch as the air rushes out faster than a sprinter at the starting line. Sometimes, it needs a little nudge, so give the mattress a gentle press to help the air on its way out.

Keep your eyes peeled for when it's all flat and cozy. When that happens, hit the pump's off switch and pat yourself on the back—you've mastered the art of deflation!

Unplug the pump, lock up that valve nice and snug, and ta-da! Your mattress is ready to fold up and hit the road for its next big adventure!

3. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to deflate your Intex air mattress! First, locate that trusty valve on your mattress. Next, grab your vacuum cleaner and attach the hose securely to the valve.

Now, switch on the vacuum and watch it suck the air out. Give the mattress a little press or massage to help the process along. Keep your eyes peeled, and when the mattress is flat as a pancake, switch off the vacuum.

Disconnect it from the valve, seal that valve tight, and boom! You've deflated your mattress with the power of suction! Now, it's ready to be packed for its next adventure.

4. Using Gravity to Your Advantage

Let's make deflating your Intex air mattress a gravity-powered thrill! First up, find that valve on your mattress—it's your deflation gateway! Now, lift one end of the mattress high like you're raising a flag—let gravity do its thing!

Air will whoosh out faster than a roller coaster ride. If it needs a bit of help, press gently or give it a little massage. Keep an eagle eye out until it's as flat as a pizza crust. When you're at that flat-as-a-pancake stage, lower the mattress back down.

High-five yourself—you've deflated your air mattress with the magic of gravity! Close that valve snug and presto! Your mattress is ready for its next adventure, all thanks to the power of good ol' gravity!

5. Folding and Flattening

First, locate the valve—the gateway to your mattress's deflation journey. Begin the folding dance, strategically folding the mattress as if crafting a paper airplane; this strategic folding nudges the air right out!

Apply gentle pressure or massage to aid the air's smooth exit. Keep an eagle eye on progress until your mattress is as flat as a calm lake on a windless day.

Once you've achieved that perfect flatness, unfold the mattress like unwrapping a surprise gift—congratulations, you've mastered the art of folding!

Lock that valve securely, and ta-da! Your mattress is primed and ready for its next grand adventure, all thanks to your folding finesse!


Can I use a hairdryer to deflate my Intex mattress? 

Nope, hairdryers won't do the trick. Stick to the recommended methods!

Will folding my mattress help it deflate faster? 

Yes, folding can nudge the air out quicker—give it a try!

Can I leave the mattress inflated for a long time?

It's best not to; prolonged inflation can strain the material.

Do I need a special pump to deflate the mattress? 

Nope, a regular pump or manual methods work just fine.

Is it okay to sit on the mattress while deflating it? 

Sure, a little pressure helps the air escape faster.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner to deflate my mattress?

It's one creative way to suck that air out!

Will deflating damage my mattress? 

Not at all, deflating it properly keeps it in good shape for longer.

Can I store my mattress without completely deflating it? 

It's best to deflate fully to preserve its quality.

How often should I deflate and store my Intex mattress? 

After each use is ideal, keeping it ready for your next adventure!

Can I roll my mattress tightly for storage? 

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines; rolling might vary based on the model!