How to Break in A New Mattress:  4 Tips to Make Your New Mattress Extra Comfy

How to Break in A New Mattress: 4 Tips to Make Your New Mattress Extra Comfy

The journey to bedding bliss, also known as breaking in a new mattress, can be an exercise in patience and adaptation. Like many of life's most rewarding experiences, it may take some time for your new mattress to feel as comfortable as you imagined it to be initially. But rest assured, with time and usage, the mattress will ultimately conform to your body, providing the desired comfort level. This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricacies of breaking in a new mattress, the average time required, and what you can expect during this period.

Why Does My Mattress Require a Break-In Period?

Mattresses showcased in stores have already had time to settle due to extensive usage, while your new mattress needs some time to adjust. The purpose behind this break-in period is:

  • Showroom mattresses have been used and have already conformed to various body types.
  • Your new mattress will take time to conform to your body and your unique sleeping patterns, enhancing the comfort level over time.

How Long Will It Take to Break In a New Mattress?

On average, breaking in a new mattress takes about 21 to 30 nights. This is due to several factors:

  • Your body needs time to adapt to the new sleeping surface, much like it would to different environments or novel experiences.
  • The specific construction and technology employed in the mattress can also extend the adjustment period.

Expert Tips for Breaking In a New Mattress

1. Let Nature Do the Work

  • Allow your mattress to regain its shape after it's delivered.
  • Ventilate it for at least an hour before fitting a mattress protector and sheets.
  • To absorb any residual odor, consider placing a box of baking soda near the foot of the bed.

2. Add Pressure

  • Engage with your mattress by rolling around, lightly bouncing, or walking on it with bare or socked feet.
  • Place additional weight or items on the mattress to stimulate adjustment.

3. Keep Your Bedroom Warm

  • Most modern mattresses incorporate memory foam that softens with heat, so a slightly warmer bedroom can expedite the breaking-in process.

4. Stay Consistent

  • Regular use will allow your body and the mattress to adjust to each other. Make a habit of sleeping on your new mattress every night.

By adhering to these tips, you can expedite the break-in process and achieve the optimal comfort your mattress is designed to provide. Remember, always use a mattress protector and ensure a supportive base to extend the lifespan of your mattress.

Should you follow these suggestions and still find your mattress lacking in comfort, don't hesitate to reach out to your retailer, like the LA Mattress Store. They offer a 120-night sleep trial, giving you ample time to determine if the mattress is the right fit for you.

Breaking in a new mattress does require a measure of patience and time. But, the investment is worth it for the resulting restful night's sleep. Give your mattress the chance to reach its full potential, and before long, you'll be experiencing the joy of blissful sleep and waking up rejuvenated each day.