What is a Pillow Top? Facts (Pros & Cons)

What is a Pillow Top? Facts (Pros & Cons)

For those seeking luxurious comfort in their bedding, a pillow top mattress often becomes a top consideration. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of pillow top mattresses, exploring their unique characteristics and discussing the pros and cons of choosing a pillow top for your sleep experience.

Exploring the World of Pillow Top Mattresses

The Concept of Pillow Top

A pillow top refers to an extra layer of cushioning that's sewn onto the surface of a mattress. Made from a variety of materials such as memory foam, latex, cotton, wool, or fiberfill, this layer enhances comfort, offering a plush, pillow-like feel.

The Appeal of Pillow Top Mattresses

The primary appeal of a pillow top mattress lies in its fusion of comfort and support. The soft, cushiony pillow top complements the supportive mattress beneath, which could be an innerspring, hybrid, or even a foam mattress.

Unraveling the Benefits of Pillow Top Mattresses

Ultimate Comfort

The additional plush layer of a pillow top offers a luxurious, cloud-like comfort, making it an instant hit among those who prefer a softer sleep surface.

Pressure Point Relief

Pillow top mattresses are known for their excellent pressure point relief. The soft top layer contours to your body, alleviating pressure on your shoulders, hips, and knees.

Noise Reduction

The cushiony pillow top can minimize the potential noise caused by the spring system in a mattress, ensuring a quieter sleep environment.


Pillow tops can be integrated with a range of mattresses, including innerspring and hybrid, providing you with a myriad of options to suit your preference.

Recognizing Potential Drawbacks of Pillow Top Mattresses

Durability Concerns

While pillow tops amplify comfort, they may not be as durable as the rest of the mattress. Over time, they can develop indentations or sag, particularly if they're made from lower-quality materials.

Heat Retention

Depending on the materials used in the pillow top, these mattresses may retain heat, leading to a warmer sleep environment. This could be a downside for those who sleep hot.

Higher Cost

Pillow top mattresses can be more expensive than their non-pillow-top counterparts. The extra cost is associated with the added comfort layer and the intricacy of its construction.

Final Thoughts: Is a Pillow Top Mattress Right for You?

Choosing a pillow top mattress can be an excellent decision for sleepers seeking plush comfort coupled with robust support. However, it's crucial to consider potential cons such as durability issues, heat retention, and the higher cost.

Before settling on a pillow top mattress, we recommend thorough research, reading user reviews, and if possible, physically testing the mattress. After all, a mattress is a long-term investment, and finding the one that suits your unique needs is pivotal for restful, rejuvenating sleep.


Index of Materials

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 Memory Foam

 Open Coil

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 Coil Spring


 Bonnell Spring





 Reflex Foam


 Egg Crate Foam

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 High Resilience Foam

 High Density Foam

 Polyurethane Foam