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Best Tempurpedic Clearance Mattresses in LA 2024

This guide explores the best Tempurpedic clearance mattresses available in 2024, focusing on their unique features, types of sleepers they best suit, and tips on how to select the perfect one for you. The opportunity to find Tempurpedic mattresses on clearance allows for luxury sleep experiences at more accessible price points.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Tempurpedic Mattress Technology

    • The Benefits of Tempur Material
  2. Best Tempurpedic Clearance Mattresses of 2024

  3. How to Choose the Right Tempurpedic Mattress

    • Consider Your Sleeping Position
    • Assess Your Comfort Preferences
    • Size and Budget Considerations
  4. Conclusion

Key Takeaways

  • Tempurpedic mattresses feature proprietary TEMPUR material, offering pressure relief and motion isolation.
  • The Tempur-Cloud is ideal for side sleepers, the Tempur-Contour for back sleepers, and the Tempur-Breeze° for hot sleepers.
  • Consider your sleeping position, comfort preferences, and budget when choosing a Tempurpedic mattress.
  • Look for Tempurpedic clearance deals on the official website, in mattress stores, and on online retailers for significant savings.

Understanding Tempurpedic Mattress Technology

Before diving into the specific models on clearance, it's essential to understand what sets Tempurpedic mattresses apart. Known for their memory foam technology, Tempurpedic mattresses are designed to conform to the body's shape, providing targeted support and reducing pressure points.

The foam's responsiveness to temperature and weight helps distribute body weight evenly, which can significantly enhance sleep quality by reducing tossing and turning.

The Benefits of Tempur Material

The core of Tempurpedic's appeal lies in its proprietary TEMPUR material. This material was originally developed by NASA to absorb pressure and help cushion astronauts during lift-off. Adapted for sleep, TEMPUR material offers the following benefits:

  • Pressure Relief: Conforms to the body to relieve pressure points that can cause discomfort or pain.
  • Motion Isolation: Excellent for couples, as movement on one side of the bed does not disturb the other.
  • Durability: TEMPUR material is recognized for its longevity and ability to maintain its shape and support over many years.

Where to Buy Tempurpedic Clearance Mattresses Online

Check out the best Tempurpedic Clearance Mattresses available online. We have reviewed each one in detail for you.

1. CA King Tempur-Pedic Tempur-ProAdapt® Medium 12" (Floor Model Clearance)

Key Features:

  • Firmness: Medium, providing a balance of comfort and support.
  • Size: California King, offering ample space for couples or individuals who prefer extra room.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term durability and service.
  • Material: Memory foam that adapts to body shape for better spinal alignment and pressure relief.
  • Cooling Technology: Built-in to help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Detailed Review: This mattress is designed for those who seek a balance between softness and firm support. As a medium firmness model, it accommodates various sleeping positions, including side and back sleepers.

The use of memory foam is beneficial for those who need pressure relief around common stress points like shoulders and hips. Additionally, the cooling technology is a great feature for those who tend to sleep hot, helping to regulate body temperature throughout the night.

Pros Cons
Medium firmness suitable for a wide range of sleepers Floor model, which may have minor wear
Cooling technology for better sleep quality Limited availability due to clearance status
Spacious California King size
Long-lasting 10-year warranty

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2. Queen Tempur-Pedic Tempur-LuxeBreeze® Firm 13" (Discontinued Floor Sample Clearance)

Key Features:

  • Firmness: Firm, ideal for those who require more support.
  • Size: Queen, fitting well in most bedrooms.
  • Warranty: 10-year coverage.
  • Material: Advanced TEMPUR material designed for superior support and cooling.
  • Cooling Technology: Features state-of-the-art cooling technology to dissipate heat.

Detailed Review: The LuxeBreeze firm mattress is a great choice for sleepers looking for firm support, especially beneficial for those who sleep on their stomachs or backs and struggle with back pain.

The advanced TEMPUR material not only supports the spine alignment but also minimizes motion transfer, making it excellent for couples. The sophisticated cooling technology helps in keeping the sleeper cool, which is particularly advantageous for those who experience night sweats.

Pros Cons
Enhanced support with firm surface As a discontinued model, replacements or additional purchases may be difficult
Superior cooling technology for heat dissipation Being a floor sample, it may show signs of light use
Ideal for back and stomach sleepers
Reduces motion transfer, suitable for couples

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3. Queen Tempur-Pedic Tempur-LuxeBreeze® Soft 13" (Discontinued Clearance)

Key Features:

  • Firmness: Soft, for those who prefer a plush sleeping surface.
  • Size: Queen.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Material: Premium TEMPUR material that conforms closely to the body.
  • Cooling Technology: Incorporates cooling elements to maintain a comfortable sleep environment.

Detailed Review: The LuxeBreeze soft variant is tailored for those who love a cloud-like feel. It is particularly suited for side sleepers, as the soft firmness helps relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders, enhancing comfort.

The use of premium TEMPUR material ensures that the mattress molds to the body, providing exceptional pressure relief and comfort. Like its firm counterpart, this mattress also features advanced cooling technology to help regulate sleep temperature, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

Pros Cons
Soft firmness perfect for side sleepers and those preferring a plush feel Discontinued model may limit future matching purchases
Advanced cooling features for optimal temperature control Limited stock due to clearance status
Premium conforming material for superior comfort
Effective in reducing pressure points

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How to Choose the Right Tempurpedic Mattress for You

Selecting the right mattress from the clearance section requires considering several factors about your sleep habits and preferences:

Consider Your Sleeping Position

  • Side Sleepers: Typically benefit from softer mattresses like the Tempur-Cloud, which cushion the shoulders and hips.
  • Back Sleepers: Often need firmer support, making the Tempur-Adapt and Tempur-ProAdapt a suitable choice.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Also require firm support to avoid excessive bending at the back, which can lead to pain.

Assess Your Comfort Preferences

  • Softness vs. Firmness: Your preference for a softer or firmer mattress will guide which Tempurpedic model is best for you.
  • Temperature Regulation: If you are a hot sleeper, consider models with cooling technologies such as the Tempur-Breeze°.

Size and Budget Considerations

  • Size: Ensure the mattress dimensions fit your bed frame and bedroom.
  • Budget: Clearance models offer significant savings, but set a budget that allows for the best combination of features and value.


Investing in a Tempurpedic mattress on clearance is a smart way to obtain a premium mattress without stretching your budget too thin. With the various models available, there is likely a perfect match for every type of sleeper. Remember to consider your sleep habits, comfort preferences, and the specific features of each model. A good night's sleep is invaluable, and with Tempurpedic, you can rest assured that you're resting on top-tier technology and comfort.


Q: What makes Tempurpedic mattresses unique?

A: Tempurpedic mattresses are known for their proprietary TEMPUR material, which offers exceptional pressure relief, motion isolation, and durability.

Q: Are Tempurpedic mattresses suitable for all sleepers?

A: Yes, Tempurpedic offers a range of mattresses suited to different sleeping positions and preferences, from soft to firm options.

Q: Where can I find Tempurpedic clearance mattresses?

A: Tempurpedic clearance mattresses can be found on the official website, in mattress stores, and on online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair.

Q: How do I choose the right Tempurpedic mattress for me?

A: Consider factors such as your sleeping position, comfort preferences, size requirements, and budget when selecting a Tempurpedic mattress.