Best Mattress for Camping and RV

Best Mattress Toppers for RV and Camping

Key TakeAways: Points to Keep in Mind 

  • First things first, size matters! RV mattresses often come in unique sizes like short queen or three-quarter size. Measure your space to ensure your mattress isn't playing a game of Tetris in your RV.

  • Foam, latex, or air? Foam mattresses are like a gentle hug, latex offers bouncy support like a trampoline, and air mattresses are like sleeping on a cloud (and super easy to store!).

  • Remember, every pound counts in an RV. Foam and latex are on the heavier side, while air mattresses are as light as a feather – perfect for those who like to float away to dreamland.

  • Like your mattress firm as a high-five or soft as a pillow fight? Test the firmness to make sure it supports your back and gives you sweet dreams, not nightmares.

  • Your mattress should be ready to tango with the twists and turns of RV life. Look for one that can withstand movement and doesn't get grumpy with a bit of bouncing around.

  • Hot sleeper or cold cuddler? Foam mattresses can retain heat (perfect for chilly nights), while air mattresses might need extra blankets. Choose one that matches your body’s thermostat.

How to Pick the Best Mattress for RV or Camping

Choosing the best mattress topper for your RV or camping adventures can be a game-changer for your sleep quality. Here's a fun guide to help you pick the perfect one:

  1. Understand Your Mattress Needs: First, figure out what your current RV or camping mattress is lacking. Too hard? Too soft? As Goldilocks would say, you want it just right!

  2. Consider the Material:

    • Memory Foam: Hugs your body like a gentle bear, great for pressure relief.
    • Latex: Bouncy like a kangaroo, offers support and durability.
    • Gel-Infused Foam: Cool as a cucumber, perfect for those hot summer nights.
    • Wool or Cotton Toppers: Soft as a sheep, for that extra cozy feel.
  3. Thickness and Density Matter: Thicker toppers (2-4 inches) are like adding a plush layer of clouds for extra comfort. But remember, thicker isn't always better if you're tight on space!

  4. Size and Fit: Make sure the topper matches your RV mattress size. You don't want it hanging off the edge like a sloth on a branch.

  5. Weight and Portability: If you're moving it around a lot, you'll want something lighter than a feather (well, almost). No one wants to wrestle a heavy topper into an RV.

  6. Firmness Level: This is all about personal preference. Do you like your bed firm like a warrior's shield or soft like a pile of leaves?

  7. Temperature Regulation: If you're camping in the Sahara or the Arctic, consider a topper that has temperature-regulating properties. Stay cool or cozy, depending on your adventure!

  8. Hypoallergenic and Maintenance: If you're allergic to everything but fun, look for hypoallergenic options. Also, easy-to-clean toppers are a blessing when you're out in the wild.

  9. Durability: You want something that can survive the rugged outdoors – or at least a bumpy RV ride.

  10. Price: Set a budget that doesn't break your piggy bank. Remember, a good night's sleep is priceless!

Our Top Picks in Mattresses for RV and Camping

Transform your RV or camping bed into a cozy retreat with these top-notch mattress toppers. Each one is a game-changer for comfort on the go, and we've included links to make your shopping a breeze!

1. Harvest Green Soft Natural Latex w/ Organic Cotton Mattress 2.75" Topper

Price: $449.00 Soft, sustainable, and perfect for a plush sleep under the stars. Click here to buy.

2. Harvest Green Soft Natural Latex w/ Vegan Wool Mattress 2.75" Topper

Price: $449.00 For a gentle, eco-conscious sleep experience, even in the great outdoors. Available here.

3. Malouf Memory Foam Mattress 2" Topper

Price: $189.00 Upgrade your RV bed with this body-hugging memory foam topper. Purchase it here.

4. Malouf Gel Memory Foam Mattress 2.5" Topper

Price: $225.00 Stay cool and comfy on warm nights with this gel-infused wonder. Grab it here.

These mattress toppers are your ticket to dreamland, even when you're miles away from home. Click the links, pick your favorite, and get ready for blissful nights in your RV or under the stars!


What size mattress should I get for my RV?

Measure your RV's sleeping area first. RV mattresses often come in unique sizes like short queen or three-quarter size. Make sure the mattress fits snugly in your RV space.

Which mattress material is best for RVs and camping?

It depends on your preference. Foam mattresses offer great support and comfort, latex is durable and bouncy, and air mattresses are lightweight and easy to store. Choose the one that suits your comfort and space needs.

How important is mattress weight for RV and camping?

Very important! In an RV, you need to be mindful of weight for ease of travel. Lighter air mattresses are great for portability, while foam and latex are heavier but offer more support.

Should I choose a firm or soft mattress for my RV? 

This depends on your personal comfort preference and any specific back or joint needs. Test different firmness levels to find what feels best for you.

How do I ensure my RV mattress is durable?

Look for mattresses designed specifically for RVs, as they are made to withstand movement and varying conditions.