Should You Wear Socks to Bed?

Should You Wear Socks to Bed?


Falling asleep faster is just one benefit of wearing socks to bed – perhaps it’s time that you slip on a pair before you hit the hay

Wearing socks to bed is something that is loved and reviled in equal measure. To some, it’s a as sexy as having a tooth pulled and is a practice that should just go away. Meanwhile, its devotees swear by it, citing warm, comfy feet and its almost magical sleep-inducing properties as reasons why they’re never going to give it up.


And just who are these sock-wearing devotees? It’s not surprising that they’re more likely to be female than male. But overall, donning socks is not something that’s fully embraced, according to some surveys, which estimate that 10% of the population worldwide does it. And here’s a shocker: the age group most likely to crawl into bed with their socks on are the millennials

An extensive study by the National Sleep Foundation found that only 16% of Americans wore socks to bed.

Why the lack of sock love?

Dr. Frank Walfish has a theory. The Beverly Hills family relationship psychotherapist, author (The Self-Aware Parent) and costar of Sex Box and WE tv says: “Most people who wear socks to bed wear them for warmth. Occasionally, one might request their partner wear socks because he has sharp, uneven, scratchy toenails. Either way, most men do not view socks as an aphrodisiac or erotically exciting.”

That might change once couples learn that researchers have found that wearing socks to bed can mean better sex. And there’s also a growing movement for men wearing flirty, vibrant socks during the day. “It’s a style statement today,” says Dr. Walfish. “Many women are super turned on by the bright colors, stripes, checks, octagons and various designs covering men’s feet, ankles, and halfway up a guy’s sexy calves!”

Along with socks becoming more attractive and sex-boosting, there are some other important considerations on why you might want to make them part of your nighttime sleepwear.

6 good reasons you should wear socks to bed

  1. Warming cold feet causes vasodilation – a fancy way of saying that the blood vessels expand, something scientists say may send a signal to the brain that it’s bedtime.
  2. Socks may help prevent hot flashes among women because they help cool core body temperature.
  3. That old beauty trick works. Put on a layer of emollient foot cream then slip your tootsies into a pair of cotton socks overnight. By morning, your feet will be as smooth as butter.
  4. Enjoy better sex. Yes, indeed. One study found that participants could increase their ability to orgasm by 30% by wearing socks to bed.
  5. Avoid Raynaud’s attack. This disease causes toes and fingers to swell and throb. Keeping feet warm to boost blood circulation can help.
  6. Fall asleep faster. Swiss scientists found sock wearers were snoozing a full 15 minutes sooner than non-wearers.

Regardless of the health benefits one might experience by slipping on socks, there are some people that won’t ever convert. If the idea of sock wearing makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be due to physical reasons like a faster metabolism, good blood circulation or thicker skin. Your feet may be toasty and warm naturally. And that’s a good thing.

Sock talk – putting your best foot forward

For those who just can’t get over the hurdle of wearing socks to bed yet want those health benefits, consider putting a few extra blankets on the bottom portion of your bed, or slip a hot water bottle or heating pad under the sheets at the foot of your bed.

Finally, to sock lovers and new adopters: remember that the type of socks you wear matter. They should be clean and fresh so there’s no buildup of bacteria. And they should not be too thick, which will prevent sufficient airflow and create conditions that are ripe for fungus to grow. Choose socks that are lightweight and made of natural fibers. Shop high (cashmere) or shop low (cotton).

You’ll sleep like baby in either case.