Prep Your Mattress for Winter

Prep Your Mattress for Winter

Time for a cozy winter hibernation

Summer has set, the leaves have fallen and snowflakes are right around the corner. The time has to come to get comfy and cuddle in your warm bed for winter sleep. With a change in season, comes time to freshen up your mattress and whether for feng shui, comfort or simply to keep warm, it’s important to be prepared inside for the blizzard outside.

We donned our mittens and a cap to figure out how to prep our mattresses for the frigid weather. Check out several ways to freshen up your mattress.

Choose toasty sheets this winter

When prepping to stay warm this winter, don’t overlook the role bed sheets play while you snooze. Different fabrics can offer more or less warmth, depending on the weather and your personal sleep needs. Remember, body temperature drops during sleep so you want to stay cool enough to fall asleep but warm enough not to become an icicle. Depending on your preferences, softer, cuddlier fabrics may be more appealing in the winter.

  • Cotton – The most commonly used material for bed sheets and perfect for year-round use. Cotton will feel cool until it warms to your body temperature and it offers superior temperature control because of its inherent breathability.
  • Flannel – Similar to cotton but considered to be a more comfortable winter alternative. Flannel will feel warm at first touch and may retain more body heat while you sleep, which is perfect for those cold and blustery nights. These sheets are great for those who like a warm, cozy bed throughout the night. Matching pajamas would be fun too!
  • Fleece – Made from polyester, fleece sheets are very soft and comfortable, similar to flannel. Fleece is better at regulating the temperature under the sheets and may prevent you from waking up uncomfortably.

Flip or rotate your mattress for a comfier winter sleep

When you purchase a new mattress, your salesperson should have instructed you to flip it monthly for the first 6 months, then quarterly after that. Ignore this advice and you’ll soon wonder why the comfort level of your mattress isn’t what you were hoping for when you first purchased it.

Rotating your mattress allows the mattress to compress more evenly over time. People who sleep in the same spot/position each night may feel that the surface of the bed dips in that area. This is a normal response – not sagging – and shows that the mattress is responding to your unique sleep habits. Remember the body impressions are normal up to 1 ½ inches and isn’t a structural defect.

Important: Make sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty on your mattress before rotating or flipping your bed. Some beds are designed to be flipped and others are meant to be rotated. Not following the warranty could result in a void.

Is your bedroom and mattress ready for comforting winter’s sleep? If you’ve got ideas for preparing your sleep space for winter, we’d love to hear them!