New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

See you later 2014!

2014 is about to be history. You know what that means – it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! If you’re like me, you begin the new year with the best intentions to get in shape or volunteer more, promising yourself this is the year you’re really going to stick with your plan longer than January 31st.

I know myself well enough now to know that making these kinds of resolutions never stick. It’s not that working out and giving back aren’t important – it’s just challenging to stay committed. All. Year. Long. So this year I decided to make resolutions that are a little easier to stick with and, hopefully by starting small, I can work up to the bigger ones, like hitting the gym.

My list of resolutions for 2015

  • Put clean clothes right away – I always end up with a pile of clean clothes on the floor in the corner. They never make it to their proper storage place. In 2015, my bedroom will be a shining example of organization.
  • Choose comfort over fashion – Ladies, how many times have you sacrificed comfort in order to be in vogue? No more sore feet because 5” heels are what’s in style. For me, it’s all about comfort in 2015, which doesn’t mean frumpy.
  • Become an early riser – I am notorious for procrastinating when it comes to getting out of bed and starting my day. I always roll over and try to fall back asleep. I’m going to work on waking up earlier and take better advantage of each day.
  • Just go to sleep already – Just as I procrastinate getting up, I procrastinate going to sleep. For 2015, I’m going to assign myself a bedtime and stick to it (as much as possible).
  • new year's resolutionMore sunshine –I’m not very outdoorsy. I prefer the comfort of my house to ruggedness of nature. I’m going to spend more time in the sun, even if it’s just a short walk around the block on a sunny day.
  • Take more photos – My friends and I are not part of the #selfie movement. We rarely take pictures of ourselves and I find this to be a little sad. We need to document our fabulousness more.

These are my small resolutions. Hopefully, I’ll stick with them past January 31st. And hopefully being able to stick these out will encourage me to tackle bigger ones like finding a way to enjoy working out or learning to cook next year.

What are your resolutions? Have you ever made a resolution and seen it throw? Share your resolutions with us. We love hearing from you.