How to Design a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Design a Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep


A well-designed bedroom for better sleep

We spend more time in the comfort of our bedrooms than in any other space. If we’re lucky, all those hours sleeping add up to a lot of time, up close and personal in the bedroom. We think this makes your bed – and your bedroom – the most important space in your life.

Your bedroom should be a welcoming, relaxing space that allows you to sleep soundly. While color choice, bedding, rugs, curtains and furniture play roles in making a bedroom a relaxing oasis, three key design elements help ensure a healthy night’s sleep – with dreams of a well-rested tomorrow.

Light’s out an hour before bed

One of the most important conditions needed for sound sleep is darkness. Brandon Peters, M.D., who is trained in clinical sleep medicine and neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, believes that our mind and body’s natural circadian rhythm lean towards following dark-light cycle of night and day. Light in your bedroom sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up – whether you’re tired or not. 

Declare a tech-free zoneheatht sleep 2

What’s the secret trick to a good night’s sleep? Turn off the gadgets and power down. Whether it’s answering emails, playing video game, surfing the web or watching TV, we lead distracted lives. And the price for leading our fully wired lives is high. “As you stay up later on a consistent basis, you readjust your internal clock, and delayed sleep phase syndrome sets in,” says Mark Rosekind, PhD. “Now, your body physically can’t fall asleep until that new, set time, whether it’s midnight or 2 a.m.” The No. 1 way to get better sleep: Turn off the technology, especially in the sanctity of your bedroom. Read more at

Dive into a beautiful bed

Having the right mattress makes a world of difference when curling up at the end of the day. If your mattress is old and out of shape, it will keep you up all night trying to get comfortable. Your bed is the heart of your sleep sanctuary. Give it priority in your bedroom makeover by investing in the best quality and comfort you can afford. Read more on

Is your bedroom a cozy escape from the world or a place where distractions linger?

Buying a new mattress might be one of the most confusing and frustrating tasks on the planet and, unlike buying a new car, there’s no shock and awe tour after the purchase. What’s more, it’s hard to compare one brand to another, one model to another. Our mattress buying guide articles can help you learn to be a better mattress tester:

And after you’ve bought your new mattress, don’t forget to write a mattress review to help other mattress shoppers make a smart purchase.

We’d love to hear your tips for creating a sleep sanctuary worth bragging about. Share your ideas below and let’s take over the world, one great night’s sleep at a time.