Energy Hacks to Make it Through the Work Day

Energy Hacks to Make it Through the Work Day

How to have (or at least fake) a productive day at the office when you’re exhausted

Have you ever found yourself dosing off at your desk? Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone in the struggle to make it through the work day conscious. According to the CDCP, 30% of adults run on 6 or less hours of sleep each day. (See, told you, you weren’t alone.) This is lower than the 7 to 9 hours recommended by sleep experts.

Obviously there’s no substitute for real sleep, but here are some helpful hacks to help you fake it on days when you’re too tired to actually try hard:

  • Schedule smart Schedule important meetings for the time of day you’re most alert. For us, that’s the morning, right after we’ve had our first cup of coffee.
  • Power nap If you’re able, take a quick 20 minute nap on your lunch break.
  • Be active Get up from your desk and take a lap around the office or go for a short walk on your break.
  • Turn it up! Listen to your favorite tunes (preferably with headphones so not to disturb your coworkers). What’s more, studies have shown that music helps you concentrate better.
  • Eat breakfast Mom was right – it really is the most important meal of the day. Start your day with the fuel needed to power through.
  • Caffeinate yourself Coffee is a great pick-me-up, just watch your consumption later in the afternoon or you won’t be sleeping soundly at night.
  • Freshen up If possible, use the power of scent to give you a jolt. Scents such as citrus and cinnamon help reduce mental fatigue and increase energy.
  • Breathe deeply Get a plant for your office or cubicle. Not only to they add some color but they also help detox and add oxygen to the air around you. More oxygen can help you concentrate better. A spider plant or peace lily is great for offices.

In this day and age, it can be hard to unplug and leave work at work. With laptops, smartphones and tablets, work seems to follow us home. Just remember no report or project is worth the years (yes, years) lack of sleep can take off your life. For when those late nights at the office can’t be avoided, hopefully these tips and tricks can help you through a day when you’re feeling sleepy.