What Favorite TV Character Do You Sleep Like?

What Favorite TV Character Do You Sleep Like?

TV characters are just like us

Television is America’s favorite way to wind down and chillax after a long day – from catching up on the daily news to soaking up our favorite sitcom or following the lives of others reality shenanigans. We have our go-to shows and love quoting from them. At times we even connect personally to our beloved characters and share common traits.

Speaking of TV characters and personality traits, do you ever wonder how your favorites measure up in the sleep department – and if their habits are similar to yours?

We found the remote and clicked through our favorite shows to find out what character shares our sleep qualities.

lucytwinbedsLucy Ricardo – the lone sleeper

Like TV characters from the 1950’s you enjoy sleeping alone. You may have a separate bed like Lucy and Ricki Ricardo or occasionally avoid a “sleep-over” so you can spread out on your mattress and have high-quality sleep time to yourself. Times have changed and here’s some tips to sleeping with a partner:
Choose mattress size based on sprawling and which partner needs more room
• Find a bedtime that works for you and your partner – or negotiate a hard stop for light’s out.
• Agree on a consistent sleep routine – and factor in times when you can cheat, like weekends.
• Ditch electronics and ban work from the bedroom

homer simpsonHomer Simpson – the midnight snacker

From Krusty Burger, iced donuts and Duff beer, you and Homer Simpson love your food. If you find yourself snacking late into the night – especially in bed – you might be like Springfield’s favorite guy. It’s no surprise that munching before bed can lead to weight gain, insomnia and other non-sleep friendly symptoms. Try these tips for better sleep without the eating:
• Choose a healthy snack.
• Avoid foods with high fat content before bed.
• Stick to a healthy, well-balanced meal routine throughout the day, to avoid bingeing before bedtime.

elaine peterjamesElaine Benes – the wiggle worm

You take dancing the night away to new levels. Whether kicking, wiggling or doing the solo tango, you’re always moving when you’re sleeping. In fact, if you took a snap chat of your sleep you’d mimic Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes’s little kicks dance. The National Sleep Foundation says you could be suffering from periodic limb movement disorder – moving your legs and arms without knowing while asleep.

notquitelegaldotcomTom Haverford – the electronic sleeper

Do you find yourself glued to your devices, even when you should be getting shut-eye? You might be like Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation, tweeting all night, Facebook updates and snap chatting your sleep away. This day and age, everyone is “linked-in” and heavily streaming but you need to know when to shut-down and get a good night’s rest:
• Dim the brightness on your devices if using them in the bedroom.
• Turn off all devices 30 minutes before bed
• Stick to a daily routine when using your device

how to get away with murder 1Annalise Keating – the workaholic

Our favorite, How to Get Away with Murder star, Annalise gets involved and wins case after case. She’s constantly working to make sure her students don’t get into too much trouble – exhausting.
With all that constant work, there’s not enough hours to fit in time to sleep. You may not be working 24 hours a day but you still find yourself buried in emails and other duties affecting your personal life and sleep routine. Try these tips for working and sleep:
• Understand that sleep is a nightly event and not a task with these TED videos
• Slow your evenings so your mind has time to destress before sleep
• Create ambience in your room with a sleep spa
• Make time for exercise so you’re actually tired when you go to bed