Better Bedroom Design with HGTV’s Property Brothers

Better Bedroom Design with HGTV’s Property Brothers

How to create a bedroom design that’s welcoming, comfortable, calm & stylish

Drew and Jonathan Scott, stars of HGTV’s Property Brotherss, have devoted their careers to creating sophisticated spaces that deliver both style and comfort. And when it comes to bedroom design, this dynamic duo focuses on eye-catching furniture, elegant accessories, quality finishes and calm colors.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or redesigning your sleep space, the Scott brothers have plenty of expert tips that offer both pragmatic and innovative solutions.

Where should the journey to design a great bedroom begin?

With so many décor options available, a bedroom design project can often feel overwhelming. That’s why Drew and Jonathan advise some personal style introspection before you begin shopping.

Step one – create a vision board (hello, Pinterest!) with photos of furniture, bedding, paint colors, lamps and accessories you love. Once assembled, stand back and look at your selections. What theme emerges? Romantic, modern, classic, Euro chic, glamorous or maybe even retro cool? Let that be your style guide moving forward.

Next, it’s time for the star of the bedroom – your bed. It’s the anchor for your unique style, so choose a mattress that ticks all the boxes for your preferred style, support and comfort. After all, we spend one-third of our lives in bed, right?

In an interview with AOL, Jonathan said, “The mattress is the most important investment, because it’s the piece of furniture you use the most in the entire house, so making an investment for luxurious sleep is important, but it’s also a psychological thing – choosing specific colors, palettes, textures, all those different things help make for a better sleep as well.”

He added that your bed is the centerpiece of the room and should have some eye-catching features. That could be a gorgeous upholstered headboard, sumptuous bedding, pillows and a thick, luxurious throw blanket, set against a wall covered in reclaimed wood, beautiful wallpaper or painted in a calming shade.


Think about the “Wow, I want to sleep here!” factor in your bedroom

Once you’ve chosen a great bed, pay attention to finishing details that can truly make your bedroom feel cozy and welcoming. Overhead lighting is a crucial detail that’s often overlooked. It helps set the mood. Choose a standout ceiling fixture, like a sparkling chandelier or add recessed lights on dimmers, if your budget allows.

When it comes to furniture placement in your bedroom, think about the flow of the room. Try not to obstruct access to the areas you use the most. Ensure there’s a clear path to your bathroom and closets. Avoid putting your bed too close to windows or directly next to heating and cooling vents.

While it might be tempting to infuse a wide variety of elements into your bedroom, the brothers encourage a less-is-more approach. They caution against clutter, which destroys the relaxing vibe of the room. Instead, invest in storage solutions that slide under your bed or a pair of nightstands with drawers to tuck away items you want handy at night.

Not sure what to let go of and what should be allowed to stay in the room?

Jonathan recommends not including a desk or work area in your bedroom, preserving it instead for sleep and relaxation. Having a clear delineation between work and personal spaces also helps to boost the quality of your sleep. A better option? Setting up a cozy sitting area in a corner of the bedroom – with a big, comfy chair where you can read and de-stress.

In an interview for, Jonathan suggests asking yourself, “Does this soother or shock me? Soothing is (obviously) the way to go. That’s also true when it comes to paint choices for your bedroom. Even though red might be your favorite color, it may not be conducive to a peaceful sleep. He suggests opting for soft shades of gray, blue, green or white.

And don’t be timid about switching things up in your bedroom seasonally. During the colder months, consider adding a thicker, thermal layer to your bedding or hanging heavier drapes to help insulate the bedroom against the outside chill. Décor accents in brass or copper are good choices, in addition to warmer tones for your linens. In the spring, think bright pops of color or crisp whites that give your bedroom a fresh, new feel.

Whatever goes into your bedroom design, the philosophy of the Scott brothers’ is simple: Let your bedroom be where you melt away stress and prepare for a new day.