Black Friday Shopping & Sleep Tips

Black Friday Mattress Shopping & Sleep Tips

May we have your attention please

Attention Black Friday shoppers – are you ready for the absolute best deal you’ll see this holiday season? Brace yourselves, because for the insane price of FREE we can offer you advice for the BEST possible sleep you can achieve before heading out into the crowds and sales.

Stores are opening their doors earlier and earlier each year, which means less and less sleep for you bargain hunters. Elude that shopping induced-exhaustion and be proactive in reducing your sleep debt – as much as you avoid credit card debt by searching for deals.

The best way to achieve optimal shopping strength? Get enough sleep. Seriously.

Sleep tips

Extra sleep – Leading up to the big day, give yourself some extra shut eye time. Keep your battery charged by going to bed a little earlier or sneaking in naps throughout the pre-Black-Friday-prep-days.

Nap post-feast – After the leftovers have been boxed up and the game is on TV, steal yourself a nap. Depending on what time dinner is for you and your family and what time you want to start shopping, getting some shut eye in between can reboot your drained energy. Just be warned, while you’ll be refreshed and ready for the deals, you may have trouble falling asleep later that night.

Caffeine is your Black Friday BFF – Give yourself that extra boost you need to speed through those isles with a cup of coffee before heading out. Sipping on something warm while waiting outside in lines sounds much more cozy and pleasant than feeling sluggish and impatient. Avoid having coffee late in the afternoon or evening though as it can keep you up at night.

Shop until you drop

If you’ve accumulated a sleep debt while shopping, you may be ready to hit the pillow soon after getting home with all your goodies. Keep in mind you want to be able to sleep later that night without too much trouble, so a nap that won’t disrupt your regular sleep schedule is key. A 20 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute nap is the best way to catch some quick zzz’s without over sleeping.

My best advice for Black Friday shopping is to go where there are no lines, you can wear your pajamas and eat left over pumpkin pie while perusing over the best deals. And I bet you can get a VIP pass to this luxury location as well. This land of shopping bliss is no other than your snuggly, comfy, cozy, no hassle BED! I think you know where I’m going with this… online shopping! Beat the crowds, the competitive craziness and the anxiety of missing a good deal. Just by clicking your mouse or tapping your screen, you can wrap up your holiday shopping before bedtime.

To help plan your sleep times and your shopping times, find out when your favorite stores open on Black Friday: Store Times