7 Of the Cutest Videos About Sleep You’ve Ever Seen!

7 Of the Cutest Videos About Sleep You’ve Ever Seen!

Napping is no laughing matter – unless it’s on YouTube…

Around here sleep is no laughing matter. We think – and experts agree – a good night’s sleep is the key to living a healthy, vibrant life. Without enough sleep, it’s hard for your body to function effectively, whether at home or at work. Fact is, if you’re getting less than 7-8 hours of snooze time each night, you might have trouble completing tasks, keeping an even temper, making decisions, remembering things, or even staying awake when you need to.

And you may be putting your future health at risk as well – long-term health is equally dependent on diet, exercise AND sleep.

But what can you do if you’re not getting enough sleep at night? Take a nap, of course! Now that we’re grown-ups, we’re ready to listen to Mom and lay our heads down for some mid-day zzzs.  Power naps – done right – can be surprisingly restorative. Some sleep gurus even recommend a nap during the work day for an instant refresh and boost in productivity.

From scientific research, we know that sleep and napping are no laughing matter. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with the topic. Luckily for us, cell phone cameras have caught some of the funniest sleepy time moments on video. Here are 7 of what we think are the silliest and cutest clips on the Internet.

Are you ready to laugh yourselves to sleep?

Fake it till you make it

You know those moments where you’re just so tired and a nap is the only solution? This little girl seems to be at the end of her rope (and has also figured out that faking a nap might get her out of hot water too.)


Dream like a puppy

Thought dreaming was reserved for humans? This little puppy’s very vivid dream proves us wrong. Pure cuteness, right?



Sleep like a baby

Are you envious of people who can fall asleep anywhere? If you are, this video might bring out your inner green-eyed monster. Someone grab a pillow – these kids can’t stay awake!


Just give into it

Have you ever struggled to stay awake but just couldn’t? We can relate to this poor little baby’s efforts to fight his snooze time at all costs.


What’s so funny? Part 1

These lucky babies are doing two of our favourite things at once: sleeping and laughing. We’d love to know what they’re dreaming about, wouldn’t you?


What’s so funny? Part 2

It’s not just babies who giggle while they slumber. Apparently, this man is having the funniest dream ever. His laugh is pretty infectious, so try stopping yourself from joining in.


Shhh… Animal Babies are Sleeping

The only thing cuter than watching babies sleep is watching animals sleep. These little animals just can’t stay awake. Try not to smile, we dare you.