6 YouTube Videos to Help You Relax & Sleep Better

6 YouTube Videos to Help You Relax & Sleep Better

Ready to wake up well-rested without a prescription? These videos will help!

While drugs treat everything from insomnia to restless leg syndrome, reaching for a pill isn’t always the best answer. If you want to stay on the drug-free side of healthy sleep, these videos will help you fall asleep. And if you’re lucky, stay asleep longer.

1. Forest & nature – 10 hours

Nothing like a little nature to help you relax – there’s just something soothing about the gentle sound of rain in a forgotten forest. With 10 hours of playtime, this video will insure an uninterrupted deep sleep for the entire night.

2. Relaxing music, nature sounds & ambient tracks – 3 hours

This 3-hour long nature video features over 100 exotic landscapes accompanied by calming nature sounds and beautiful soothing music. The producers wanted to set everyone in a sleepy mood and used cloud/sunset sleep music, starting with time lapses and slowly moving towards colorful evening skies. Let us know if it works!

3. Rain & thunderstorm – 1 hour

One hour of relaxing noise from realistic thunder and rainy. Use this relaxing realistic thunder and rain when trying to fall asleep or when you need to concentrate on an important task. The storm gets more interesting at 6.3 minutes.

4. Delta waves – 45 minutes

Turn this on and envision yourself at the spa with nothing but time to relax. Whether or not there’s scientific truth to delta waves making it easier to fall asleep faster, the ambient music sets the stage for sleep.

5. Sounds of night crickets – 37 minutes

At only 37 minutes, this video is just long enough to help you fall asleep. Reminisce about your childhood at the cottage or camping and soak in the sound of crickets serenading you off to dreamland.

6. Mr. Bean – 1.24 minutes

This video won’t help you sleep but its funny – and a good reminder that watching someone else play chess is ALWAYS a good way to fall asleep.