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 Rize RZ Cloud Memory Foam Pillow

$ 100.00

Product description

Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with the RZ Cloud Pillow. Crafted with shredded latex, memory foam fibers, and a cool touch cover, this pillow offers unparalleled comfort and feel. The unique comfort curve design adapts to all sleeping positions, providing premium comfort and support for sleepers.

  • Contoured design for better spinal alignment and support
  • Straight side as a traditional option
  • Memory foam and latex provide responsive comfort and pain-relief.
  • Hypoallergenic


Contoured Side

  • Designed to support and conform to the contours of your neck and shoulders

Straight Side

  • For a more traditional sleeping option

Plush Latex With Bounce

  • Plush and bouncy shedded latex contours to support the neck and relieve pressure points

Cool-To-The-Touch Ultra Cooling Cover

  • This proprietary phase change material helps you fall asleep faster by drawing excess heat away from the body

Breathable And Hypoallergenic

  • Advanced fabric that lets air in but doesn't create allergens



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Rize RZ Cloud Memory Foam Pillow