how to price a used mattress

How to Price a Used Stearns & Foster Mattress

When it comes to selling or purchasing a used mattress, particularly a high-end brand like Stearns & Foster, accurately determining its value is crucial. Knowing how to price a used Stearns & Foster mattress ensures a fair deal for both the seller and the buyer.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various factors that influence the pricing of a used Stearns & Foster mattress, provide useful tables for quick reference, highlight key features, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Key Takeaways
  • Key Factors Influencing the Price
  • Detailed Pricing Guidelines
  • Evaluating Key Features of Stearns & Foster Mattresses
  • Tips for Maintaining a Stearns & Foster Mattress
  • Understanding the Stearns & Foster Mattress Models
  • Market Trends and Demand
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Pricing Your Used Stearns & Foster Mattress
  • Addressing Common Concerns and Misconceptions
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Key Takeaways

  1. Accurate Pricing: Properly pricing a used Stearns & Foster mattress involves considering its age, condition, original purchase price, specific model features, and current market demand.
  2. Depreciation Rates: Mattresses depreciate over time, with the value retention decreasing as the mattress gets older. For example, a mattress that is 1-3 years old typically retains 70-80% of its original value.
  3. Condition Matters: The physical condition of the mattress significantly affects its value. A well-maintained mattress with minimal wear will fetch a higher price than one with noticeable damage or stains.
  4. Original Purchase Price: Knowing the original purchase price is crucial as it serves as the baseline for determining the mattress’s current value after accounting for depreciation.
  5. Model Features: Different Stearns & Foster models have unique features that influence their value. High-end models with advanced features like IntelliCoil® systems, cooling technologies, and reinforced edges will retain more value.
  6. Market Demand: The demand for used mattresses can fluctuate. Popular models in good condition may sell for a higher price due to higher demand.
  7. Maintenance Tips: Proper maintenance, such as using a mattress protector, rotating the mattress regularly, and cleaning spills immediately, can help retain the mattress’s value.
  8. Inspection Before Buying: When buying a used mattress, inspect it for stains, odors, signs of bedbugs, and overall support. Ensure it is clean and well-maintained to avoid health risks.
  9. Transparency: Whether selling or buying, honesty and transparency about the mattress’s condition, age, and any issues are crucial for ensuring a fair transaction.
  10. Warranty Considerations: Most mattress warranties are non-transferable, but a well-maintained mattress with several years of use left can still be valuable. Clearly state the warranty status in your listing.
  11. Accessory Inclusion: Including accessories like mattress toppers or bed frames can make your listing more attractive and justify a higher price.


Stearns & Foster is renowned for its luxurious and high-quality mattresses. However, like any product, mattresses depreciate over time. Understanding the key factors that affect the value of a used mattress can help you set a fair price or find a great deal if you are in the market to buy one.

Key Factors Influencing the Price

Age of the Mattress

The age of the mattress is a significant factor in determining its price. Mattresses generally have a lifespan of about 7-10 years, depending on their quality and usage. The older the mattress, the lower the price it can fetch.

Age of Mattress

Depreciation Rate

Estimated Value Retention

0-1 year



1-3 years



3-5 years



5-7 years



7-10 years



10+ years



Condition of the Mattress

The physical condition of the mattress is another critical aspect. A well-maintained mattress without stains, sagging, or damage will be valued higher than one with noticeable wear and tear. Regular cleaning, using mattress protectors, and following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance can help preserve the mattress's condition.

Original Purchase Price

The original price of the mattress serves as a baseline for determining its current value. High-end models from Stearns & Foster can cost several thousand dollars when new, which influences their used price significantly. Knowing the original price helps in assessing the depreciation over time.

Model and Features

Different models come with varying features such as pillow tops, hybrid materials, or advanced cooling technologies. These features add to the mattress's value even when used. Understanding the specific features of your Stearns & Foster mattress can help in accurately pricing it.

Market Demand

The demand for used mattresses can fluctuate based on trends and consumer preferences. A popular model might retain its value better due to higher demand. Keeping an eye on market trends and understanding the current demand for specific models can help in setting a competitive price.

Detailed Pricing Guidelines

Age-Based Pricing

Assuming the original purchase price was $2,000, here’s an example of how age impacts pricing:

Age of Mattress


Estimated Price

1 year

Like new

$1,600 - $1,800

3 years


$1,200 - $1,400

5 years


$800 - $1,000

7 years

Worn but usable

$400 - $600

10 years

Very worn

$200 - $400

Condition-Based Pricing

Condition impacts pricing significantly. Here's a breakdown:


Estimated Value Retention

Example Price (Original $2,000)



$1,400 - $1,600



$1,000 - $1,400



$600 - $1,000



$200 - $600

Evaluating Key Features of Stearns & Foster Mattresses

Craftsmanship: Stearns & Foster mattresses are known for their exceptional craftsmanship. Handcrafted details and premium materials ensure durability and comfort. When assessing the value of a used mattress, consider the quality of the stitching, the integrity of the materials, and any custom details that may add to its worth.

Support: One of the standout features of Stearns & Foster mattresses is their advanced coil systems, which provide targeted support and reduce motion transfer. The condition of these coils can significantly impact the mattress's value. Test the mattress for any signs of weakened support or excessive movement.

Comfort Layers: High-quality foam and gel layers offer superior comfort and pressure relief. Over time, these layers can degrade. When pricing a used mattress, evaluate the condition of these comfort layers. Are they still responsive and supportive, or have they started to sag or lose their shape?

Cooling Technology: Many Stearns & Foster mattresses feature cooling technologies, such as ventilated coil systems and cooling gel foams, to help regulate temperature. Ensure these features are still functioning properly, as they can greatly influence the mattress's overall comfort and value.

Edge Support: Reinforced edges maintain shape and provide a larger usable sleep surface. Check the edges for any signs of wear or collapse. Strong edge support is a valuable feature, especially for those who sleep near the edge of the mattress.

Durability: Stearns & Foster mattresses are built to last, often featuring enhanced stitching and robust materials. Assess the overall durability by inspecting the mattress for any structural issues, such as broken springs or torn fabric.

Tips for Maintaining a Stearns & Foster Mattress

Proper maintenance can help retain the value of your Stearns & Foster mattress. Here are some tips:

  • Use a Mattress Protector: This helps prevent stains, spills, and dust mites from damaging the mattress.
  • Rotate Regularly: Rotating the mattress every 3-6 months can help prevent uneven wear.
  • Clean Spills Immediately: Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean any spills. Avoid soaking the mattress.
  • Vacuum Regularly: Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris.
  • Avoid Jumping: Encourage children to avoid jumping on the bed to prevent damage to the coils and frame.

Understanding the Stearns & Foster Mattress Models

Stearns & Foster offers a variety of mattress models, each with unique features and price points. Here’s an overview of some popular models:

Lux Estate Collection

Known for its luxurious feel and advanced support, the Lux Estate Collection features:

  • IntelliCoil® Advanced: A dual coil design that adapts to the body for personalized support.
  • PrecisionEdge™ System: Reinforced edge support for a larger sleep surface.
  • Advanced Adapt™ Foam: A responsive foam layer for enhanced comfort.

Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is the epitome of luxury, featuring:

  • Nano Comfort Layer: A layer of nano coils for precise support and comfort.
  • Indulge HD Memory Foam: High-density memory foam for superior pressure relief.
  • Upholstery-Grade Fabrics: Premium fabrics that enhance durability and aesthetic appeal.

Estate Collection

The Estate Collection offers a balance of comfort and support with features like:

  • IntelliCoil®: A single coil design that provides adaptive support.
  • PrimaCool™ Performance Fabric: A cooling fabric that helps regulate temperature.
  • PrecisionEdge™ System: Reinforced edges for added durability.

Market Trends and Demand

Understanding current market trends and demand can help in accurately pricing a used Stearns & Foster mattress. Here are some trends to consider:

Eco-Friendly Materials

There is a growing demand for mattresses made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. If your Stearns & Foster mattress features organic or natural materials, it may retain its value better.

Hybrid Models

Hybrid mattresses, which combine innerspring coils with foam layers, are increasingly popular. These models offer the benefits of both support and comfort, making them desirable in the used mattress market.

Online Marketplaces

Platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and specialized mattress resale websites can give you an idea of what similar used Stearns & Foster mattresses are selling for. Monitor these sites to gauge current market prices.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pricing Your Used Stearns & Foster Mattress

  • Determine the Age: Start by determining the age of your mattress. Check the purchase receipt or any tags on the mattress for the manufacturing date.
  • Assess the Condition: Thoroughly inspect the mattress for any signs of wear, stains, or damage. Take note of any issues that could affect its value.
  • Identify the Model and Features: Identify the specific model and its features. This information is often found on the mattress tag or the original purchase documentation.
  • Research Original Purchase Price: Find out the original purchase price. This can usually be obtained from the retailer where the mattress was bought or from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Use Depreciation Rates: Apply the appropriate depreciation rate based on the age of the mattress to estimate its current value.
  • Compare with Market Prices: Check online marketplaces and compare the prices of similar used Stearns & Foster mattresses. Adjust your price accordingly to stay competitive.
  • Consider Negotiation: Be prepared to negotiate the price. Buyers may try to haggle, so set your initial price slightly higher to allow room for negotiation.
  • Prepare the Mattress for Sale: Clean the mattress thoroughly and ensure it is in the best possible condition before listing it for sale.
  • Create a Detailed Listing: When listing the mattress for sale, provide detailed information about its age, condition, features, and original purchase price. Include high-quality photos to attract potential buyers.
  • Be Honest and Transparent: Honesty and transparency are crucial in ensuring a smooth transaction. Clearly communicate any issues or defects to the potential buyer.

Addressing Common Concerns and Misconceptions

Is Buying a Used Mattress Safe?

One of the most common concerns about buying a used mattress is safety. To address this, ensure the mattress has been properly cleaned and inspected for pests like bedbugs. Using a mattress protector and thoroughly cleaning the mattress can mitigate many health risks.

How Does Warranty Affect the Price?

Most mattress warranties are non-transferable, meaning they only apply to the original purchaser. However, a mattress in excellent condition with several years of use left can still be valuable. Clearly state the warranty status in your listing to avoid any misunderstandings.

Can I Sell a Mattress with Stains?

While minor stains can be cleaned, significant staining can greatly reduce the mattress’s value. Be upfront about any staining and consider offering a discount to account for this issue.

Should I Include Accessories?

Including accessories like mattress toppers, protectors, or bed frames can make your listing more attractive. These add-ons can justify a higher price, especially if they are in good condition.


Pricing a used Stearns & Foster mattress involves several considerations, including the mattress’s age, condition, original purchase price, and specific features. By understanding these factors and using the provided tables and guidelines, you can confidently determine or negotiate a fair price. Whether you’re selling or buying, a well-informed approach ensures you get the best value for your investment.

For further insights and detailed evaluations, it’s always beneficial to refer to expert reviews and consult with knowledgeable sources in the mattress industry. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the used mattress market with confidence, ensuring a fair deal for all parties involved.


How do I determine the value of my used Stearns & Foster mattress?

To determine the value, consider the mattress's age, condition, original purchase price, model features, and current market demand. Use depreciation rates and condition-based guidelines as references.

What factors should I consider when buying a used mattress?

Ensure the mattress is in good condition, free from bedbugs, and has been well-maintained. Ask for details about its age, original purchase price, and any specific features.

Is it worth buying a used Stearns & Foster mattress?

Yes, if the mattress is in good condition and priced fairly. Stearns & Foster mattresses are known for their durability and comfort, making them a worthwhile investment even when used.

How can I ensure the used mattress is clean and safe?

Inspect the mattress thoroughly for stains, odors, and signs of bedbugs. Ask the seller about its maintenance history and consider using a mattress protector.

How much should I pay for a 5-year-old Stearns & Foster mattress?

Depending on its condition, you should expect to pay between $800 and $1,000 for a 5-year-old Stearns & Foster mattress that originally cost $2,000.

What is the typical lifespan of a Stearns & Foster mattress?

These mattresses typically last 7-10 years, though their lifespan can extend with proper care and maintenance.

Can I negotiate the price of a used mattress?

Yes, prices for used mattresses are often negotiable. Use the age, condition, and original price as bargaining points.

What are the signs of a worn-out mattress?

Look for sagging, lumps, broken springs, and excessive stains or odors. These signs indicate significant wear and tear.

How do I transport a used mattress?

You can hire a professional moving service, use a truck or van, and ensure the mattress is securely wrapped to protect it during transit.

Are there any risks associated with buying a used mattress?

The main risks include potential hygiene issues and shorter remaining lifespan. Ensure thorough inspection and cleaning before use.