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New Year’s Hangover Cures

Avoid the post celebratory struggles

Be honest. With New Year’s approaching, you know the hangovers are too. A new year is something to celebrate (and we love to celebrate!), but who wants to start the year struggling with the after-effect of the previous year? It’s best to be proactive and avoid the pain before it starts, but if you find yourself in a heap of a hangover, there are ways to alleviate the agony. There are also some myths that you should just save yourself from and avoid.

Say yes to the fun and say no to the suffering because Restonic has you covered this year! Cheers!

Be proactive – rules to follow while drinking

  • Food – Be sure to eat before you start drinking. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol.
  • H2O – Supplement with water in between drinks to help pace yourself and prevent over-drinking too fast. For ever glass of beer, wine or shot of liquor, it takes approximately 60-75 minutes for your body to metabolize the liquor out of your system.
  • More water – Switch to just water by the end of the night. As much as you pace yourself, it can be easy to lose track of how much you’ve had. A good rule to follow is to drink at least one large glass of water before bed.
  • Midnight snack – Have a snack before bed. At this point, hours may have gone by since your pre-drinking meal. Utilizing the same concept of slowing down alcohol absorption, having a snack before bed can help steer you away from a hangover.
  • Sleep – Sleep as long as you can to allow the alcohol to metabolize out of your body. What’s more, sleep helps your body heal and repair itself from the choices you made the night before. The longer you sleep, the less chance you wake up with regrets from last night.

Damage control – when a hangover hits

  • Hydrate – Alcohol dehydrates your body so you need to replenish what you lost. Drink water or a hydrating sports drink to help replenish electrolytes.
  • Eat – The goal is to get calories back in your system and foods that are easy to digest is key. Consider toast or cereal because chances are your tummy isn’t going to be feeling the greatest when hung over.
  • Pill for the pain – Take two aspirin the night before and when you wake up. According to WebMD, that will help relieve some of the headache pain as well as relieve some of the inflammation that alcohol can cause.
  • Take a shower – Sometimes you need to refresh and wash away the hangover feeling. It’s like a big splash of water on your whole body instead of just your face. A shower won’t cure your hangover, but it can make a big difference if you need to get up and get moving.
  • Go back to bed – If you don’t have to be up, take you and your hangover back to sleep. Time heals all drinking wounds so why not help your body and sleep through the pain. And remember, your mattress is your best friend when nursing a hangover. A good mattress can make all the difference, as you want to be comfortable when you’re not feeling well.

Put your money where your hangover is

For big spenders, there’s a controversial alternative to home remedies. In some major cities, hangover cures arrive in the form of IV drips. A certified medical professional comes to your home or hotel room and administers an IV that replenishes your body with vitamins and electrolytes. While feeling better fast may be the main draw for clients of this service, CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook raised some concerns. “None of those [health claims] have been FDA approved or validated by any kind of controlled scientific studies,” he pointed out. “You can just drink a fluid and rehydrate yourself – chicken soup with rice, or Gatorade, or Pedialyte or Pedialyte pops, or water, it’s inexpensive, it’s safe, and to me that’s the way to go if you have a severe hangover.”

Hangover cure myths

  • Hair of the dog – To cure a hangover, some people believe you should keep drinking to avoid the pain. While your body may be going through alcohol withdrawal after a night of drinking, this “cure” may dissipate the hangover – but the continued dehydration can also make it come back with a vengeance later.
  • Greasy food – The idea behind this cure is to coat your stomach with grease to help with possible queasiness. If your tummy is feeling uneasy, toast or cereal, the foods your mom used to give you when you were sick, are better choices. Focus on returning healthy calories to your system, in contrast to the empty calories you consume with alcohol.
  • Hangover pills – There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of any pill that promotes a “cure” to your hangover. If anything, they may contain vitamins but many medical sources consider them a placebo effect.
  • Coffee – Unless you’re a consistent coffee drinker, avoid caffeine. Caffeine narrows the blood vessels and may boost your blood pressure, which will make your hangover worse. If you consume coffee consistently, a small cup can help ease a headache.
  • Exercise or sauna – Think you can sweat out the toxins? Think again. You’re already dehydrated and extreme heat can cause drastic changes in blood flow and your blood vessel openings. If you like to work out post-drinking and it works for you, be conscious of hydrating your body before, during and after exercising. Avoid the sauna completely.

The best and absolute 100% sure fire way to avoid a hangover? Abstain from drinking. The next best thing you can do when you want to indulge in the wine and spirits is to sleep it off. Get as much sleep as your body needs to repair itself. If you’re worried about throwing off your sleep schedule, wake up when your body tells you to, run your damage control hangover methods and plan for a nap later in the day.

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