How Do You Care for Your New Mattress?

How Do You Care for Your New Mattress?

Congratulations on your new bed! Now what?

Purchasing your first mattress or replacing an old one can take lots of time and energy to find a perfect fit – from the research, review reading and bouncing retailer to retailer. Flash forward to finalizing your mattress purchase and transporting your bed to your cozy room and wah lah! Now what?

We were desperately wanting to Netflix and chill but first let’s check out the most important things to do once your new mattress hits the box spring. After all, you want your new mattress to last as long as possible – and so do we!

1. Proper installation of your mattress

You may not be Bob the Builder, so calling in the pros to assist setting up your new mattress might be a good idea. Making sure your mattress and foundation are properly installed is crucial to your comfort and possibly your warranty, if issues should arise later. Don’t be afraid to ask your local retailer questions for setup and read your mattress warranty to makes sure guidelines are followed.

2. Let your new mattress breathe

Like any new product, a new mattress might have a residual odor left from the manufacturing or packaging process – don’t worry it’s normal. To help get rid of the new scent, remove packaging and let the mattress air-out before covering it up with a mattress protector and linens. Weather depending, open up the windows and bring in fresh air.

3. Use a mattress protector

Mattress covers are designed to cover a mattress and protect it from daily wear and tear. They can also help maintain a consistent temperature in the microclimate of the bed, reducing tossing and turning. Some can even improve the comfort-level of your new mattress. Remember, protecting your mattress means protecting your warranty.

4. Don’t remove the mattress law tag

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal to remove the mattress tag. Law-tags and other sewn on labels provide vital information and serve as identification should you need to ever file a warranty claim. Removing the tags could void your warranty coverage – especially if you lose them. Make sure to consult your manufacturer’s warranty guidelines before removing anything on your mattress.

5. A bed is not a trampoline

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Might be difficult to resist the temptation – but would you jump on your new TV? You just spent a small fortune on a beautiful mattress and you definitely want to treat your investment like anything else in your home. Jumping on your bed can affect the internal components inside the bed. If the springs or other construction materials are affected, your warranty could be in jeopardy.

6. Other ways to protect your investment

  • Don’t allow your mattress to become soiled or stained – a mattress protector is a must.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or dry-cleaning fluids to wash your mattress. Use this guide from to vacuum and spot clean your mattress.
  • Give great support with a sturdy bed frame

7. Let’s talk warranty

Your new mattress is installed, fresh and protected. Before you jump between the covers, let’s chat about the warranty. Understand what the retailer and manufacturer warrants in the mattress – and what is considered normal wear and tear of the product. Workmanship and materials should be guaranteed but comfort is a personal perspective and not warranted. Pull out the magnifying glass and read the fine print so there are no surprises if something goes wrong.