Putting the Top Sheet Debate to Bed

Putting the Top Sheet Debate to Bed

There has been a heated debate raging on the internet for the past few years surrounding the use of the top sheet in bedding. Some people swear by its necessity, while others consider it outdated and unnecessary. Let's dive into the arguments and statistics to shed some light on the top sheet debate.

Proponents of the Top Sheet:

  • Argue that the top sheet is essential as it separates the sleeper from the comforter and blankets, allowing for more frequent washing of bedding.
  • Believe that not using a top sheet is unhygienic and disgusting.

Opponents of the Top Sheet:

  • Describe the top sheet as archaic and restricting.
  • Argue that top sheets often end up crumpled and tangled at the foot of the bed.

Survey Results:

survey with 1,000 Americans to gauge their opinions on the top sheet. Here are the key findings:

  • Overall, 58 percent of Americans agree or strongly agree that a top sheet is essential.
  • Two-thirds of Americans aged 55 and older feel that a top sheet is necessary.
  • Interestingly, 18 percent of individuals aged 18-24 strongly oppose the use of a top sheet, compared to only 3 percent of those aged 65 and older.

Top Sheet Usage by Age Group:

  • 41% of Americans aged 55 and older strongly agree that a top sheet should be used.
  • Among respondents aged 18-34, only 26% use a top sheet regularly.

Benefits of Using a Top Sheet:

  • Maintains Cleanliness: Top sheets act as a barrier between the sleeper and the comforter, keeping the comforter cleaner.
  • Hygiene: Bed sheets can harbor bacteria, and machine washing can effectively kill them.
  • Avoid Frequent Comforter Washing: Washing a heavy comforter can be cumbersome, but using a top sheet allows for less frequent washing of the comforter itself.

The Rise of Duvet Covers:

  • Duvet covers have gained popularity as a replacement for the top sheet. These covers serve as removable and washable envelopes for the comforter.
  • Duvet covers gained widespread adoption in Europe in the 1970s and became popular in the United States later on.


While the top sheet debate rages on, it's evident that older Americans are still staunch supporters of using a top sheet. However, the increasing popularity of duvet covers has made top sheets less prevalent among younger generations. Regardless of your stance on the issue, it's crucial to prioritize comfort, cleanliness, and regular washing of your bedding.