Mattress Financing: How Does Financing a Mattress Work?

Mattress Financing: How Does Financing a Mattress Work?

Navigating Your Mattress Purchase: Financing Options at LA Mattress Store

Given the current economic climate, the thought of paying upfront for a new mattress can be daunting. If you're unable or reluctant to make a one-time payment, financing your mattress purchase might be the perfect solution for you. To assist you, we've outlined some of the ways you can finance a mattress specifically at LA Mattress Store.

What Is Mattress Financing?

Think of mattress financing as similar to the purchase of a car, home, or the usage of a credit card. Essentially, it spreads out the cost of your mattress across several payments over a period of time, making the purchase more affordable and less likely to impact your bank account significantly.

Although many people might not consider mattress financing in their purchase considerations, it's an integral aspect, especially as high-quality mattresses can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. LA Mattress Store provides flexible financing alternatives to make the purchase of a mattress a stress-free process, whether you're shopping online or in-store.

How to Finance a Mattress at LA Mattress Store

To make restful sleep accessible for everyone, LA Mattress Store offers various financing options, ensuring that better sleep doesn't have to wait, even if you can't cover the full cost of your dream mattress right away. Here are the three primary ways you can finance a mattress at LA Mattress Store:

  • Pay Now
  • Affirm
  • LA Mattress Store Credit Card

1. Pay Now

If you've found a mattress you love and can cover the cost upfront, you can make a full payment at LA Mattress Store. This option eliminates future payment concerns, interest rates, and down payment dealings.

2. ShopPay

ShopPay is a payment method available on many online stores that offer accelerated checkouts and an option to split your purchase into 4 equal, interest-free installments. This payment method is powered by Affirm. Here's a general idea of how ShopPay's financing works:

  1. Checkout: When you're ready to checkout in an online store that supports ShopPay, you can select it as your payment option.

  2. Choose Installments: If the purchase is eligible, you can opt to pay in 4 equal, interest-free installments.

  3. Enter Information: You'll need to enter your shipping, billing, and credit or debit card information. If you've used ShopPay before, you can log in and save time as your details will be filled automatically.

  4. Payment Schedule: After the initial payment at checkout, the remaining three payments will be deducted from your card every two weeks. You'll receive reminders before payments are due to help you stay on track.

  5. Order Confirmation and Delivery: After checking out, your order will be confirmed and the products will be delivered to you as per the seller's shipping schedule. You don't have to wait until your purchase is paid off to receive your order.

It's important to note that while ShopPay installments are interest-free, a late fee may apply if a payment isn't processed on time. ShopPay uses Affirm to facilitate these payments, so the eligibility check at checkout may affect your credit score. Always ensure you can afford the payments before choosing this method.

3. LA Mattress Store Credit Card

By opening a LA Mattress Store credit card, you can manage your payments on your terms while earning rewards and discounts when shopping at our stores. Approval rates will depend on your credit and the mattress price.

Understanding the LA Mattress Store Credit Card

With the LA Mattress Store credit card, you can spread out your payments while enjoying the benefits of deferred interest. As long as you pay the full amount within the agreed timeframe, you won't have to pay any interest. If you fail to pay within the promotional period, accrued interest based on the original purchase amount will be due.

Benefits of the LA Mattress Store credit card extend beyond just financing your mattress. You'll receive 6 months of promotional financing on purchases of $299 or more at nearly all locations accepting the Synchrony HOME™ credit card. Eligibility for 12-48 months of promotional financing at all locations on qualifying purchases is also available. The card offers $0 fraud liability, no annual fee, and access to a mobile app and your credit score for free.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Don't miss our most significant deals of the season, with major discounts on many mattresses. Plus, take advantage of special 60-month Black Friday financing with the Synchrony HOME™ credit card for an even smoother purchasing experience.

The Advantages of Financing a Mattress

Financing a mattress comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Preserving Your Savings: You don't need to use your savings to buy a new mattress. You can set up manageable payments and pay over time.
  • Accessing Low-Interest Offers: Financing doesn't necessarily mean high interest rates. There are many options with low interest rates available, and you may qualify for a 0% interest rate for a certain period.
  • Improving Your Sleep Now: Financing lets you start enjoying a good night's sleep right away.
  • Building Your Credit: On-time payments and paying off your purchase in a reasonable timeframe will help build your credit history.

More About Mattress Financing at LA Mattress Store

At LA Mattress Store, we're committed to making quality sleep accessible and affordable for everyone. For more information about mattress financing, reach out, and we'll be happy to assist you directly.