4 Weird Superstitions That Could Change Your Sleep

4 Weird Superstitions That Could Change Your Sleep

Happy Friday the 13th?

Watch out! Today is the most unluckiest day of the year. While many will laugh off the superstitious day, some will remain in bed paralyzed with fear. Are you superstitious? Worried reading this will bring a black cat your way? Don’t worry we’re here to protect your sweet dreams!

Unraveling the luck & sleep connection

Not getting enough sleep has been proven to be unhealthy. If you knew how unhealthy you wouldn’t be able to sleep and we wouldn’t sleep knowing you weren’t enjoying sweet dreams. Likewise, too much sleep is linked to obesity, diabetes and sleep apnea.
It’s no wonder that because sleep takes up so much of our lives, countless superstitions have arisen around it – dating back hundreds of years. Most superstitions hone in on sleeping arrangements and ensuring good fortune. While you might be tempted to believe all you need for successful sleep is a decent mattress and a fluffy pillow, some superstitions suggest the matter is far more involved.

We ran from the black cat and investigated 4 strange sleep superstitions with helpful tips for a better night’s sleep.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The mirror might steal your soul. Do not place your mirror directly in front of your bed. The story goes, your sleeping soul will enter the mirror and you may not be able to return to your body in the morning. It’s also said the mirror will attract unwanted spirits that could bring bad luck upon your sweet dreams.

Rationalization tip – Place your mirror near a closet or dresser. This will help in your feng shui, creating a separate area for sleep and getting groomed for a good day of work.

Mad Hatter

No hats on the bed! The Italians believed evil spirits lived in the hair. If you place your hat on the bed the spooky spirits go from hair to hat to bed. While you sleep, they’ll haunt your dreams.
The logical explanation is people rarely washed their golden locks, causing lice to spread from hat to bed, keeping people awake itching all night.

Rationalization tip – Construct a DIY hat rack. With cold weather approaching keep yourself busy and warm by crafting. Nothing is better than a fun hat rack on the wall.

Eat your cake & meet Mr. Charming

Many European countries claim if a single woman sleeps with a slice of wedding cake under her pillow, the man she dreams about will become her husband. Maybe a single man will sleep with a flower to meet his Mrs.?

Rationalization tip – Next time you’re a guest at a wedding take some to-go cake and try it out. Who knows, maybe your prince/princess will come riding on a white horse to sweep you out of bed. Just make sure the cake is tightly wrapped or you might ruin your clean sheets.

Wrong side of the bed

Getting up or waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a common saying. Experts in feng shui say it’s best to get out of bed on the left side. The left side is associated with money, power and health with the ancient Chinese. They claim getting out on the right side will bring death and despair.

Rationalization tip – Scientists claim the left side of the brain controls logic and rational thinking. The right side controls emotion and imagination. If you step out on the left side, you’ll focus your energy on logic and stay away from negative emotions.

Instead of being paralyzed with fear tonight, come out from the covers and freshen up your sleep. Do you have any other weird sleep superstitions? We’d love to hear from you.