It’s Time to Upgrade Your Sleep With an Adjustable Bed

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Sleep With an Adjustable Bed

Your sleep will thank you with all these positions to choose from!

Comfort rules when it comes to setting the stage for your best night sleep. That’s why your choice of mattress AND base are equally critical. If you haven’t considered how an adjustable bed can improve your sleep–and waking–life, it’s time to give this mattress foundation a second look.

Adjustable bed bases let you alter your position in the bed with a click of a button – most often with a wireless remote or an app on your smartphone. Raise or lower your head, legs, upper and lower body as you please. With a myriad of sleep (and waking) positions available, you’ll find the right one to suit the situation and your preferences. Working on your laptop, watching Netflix, reading late at night–there’s a position for everything you want to do in bed.

Adjustable bases for the love of good health

Adjustable bases don’t just make the before-sleep-time in bed more enjoyable, they offer a slew of health benefits during sleep as well. For snorers (and let’s face it, there’s a lot of us–an estimated 90 million in the U.S.), an adjustable bed base can improve sleep for you and your partner. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated will help ease nasal congestion. Height adjustment becomes even more important for those who suffer from sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition in which snorers can stop breathing intermittently throughout the night. Asthmatics can also lessen their symptoms by sleeping at a steeper incline.

If you suffer from back pain, an adjustable base can be an effective tool to help manage discomfort. Lying flat on a bed can aggravate irritation by putting more pressure on the lower back and the sciatic nerve. Slanting your body at a 45-degree angle allows you to sleep on your back with less issues throughout the night and the next day. If you prefer to have your knees and legs raised, this position drastically reduces pressure on the spine; also a great position to improve circulation and reduce pain from arthritis.

Leg swelling is an issue for many people, due to poor circulation, pregnancy, a number of medical conditions and certain occupations where standing most of the day is the norm. Lying flat allows fluids to pool in various places, which causes swelling and inflammation. Doctors often recommend elevating legs to prevent this, but who wants to sleep with pillows or blankets crunched up under the knees?  An adjustable base for your bed is a much more comfortable solution to those symptoms.

And according to the American College of Gastroenterology, more than 60 million Americans experience heartburn at least once a month and an estimated 15 million suffer from unpleasant symptoms (bloating, burning, hiccupping, burping, etc.) every single day. Did you know that even raising your head just 4”– 6” can drastically improve your sleep? By the way, lying flat also hinders digestion and the body’s ability to process food so if you’re a bedtime snacker an adjustable base can help here too.

5 key considerations about adjustable bases–know before you buy


1. Pick the right mattress. Because your mattress needs a fair degree of flexibility, you’ll want to choose carefully. Memory foam, latex and some pocketed coil models will be able to bend properly. All Restonic mattresses are adjustable base friendly. If you’re unsure if your current mattress will work with an adjustable base, visit a retailer near you for expert advice. And if it’s time to shop for a new mattress, be sure to let the sales associate know you’re looking for a mattress and an adjustable base.

2. Consider quality. Solid construction and high quality, durable materials are important when choosing an adjustable base. Because of the moving parts, mechanics need to be top notch. Bed test it in a store, just as you would a mattress. Does it move into position smoothly? Is it noisy? Are the controls responsive and easy to use?

3. Adjust your budget. Like with mattresses, adjustable bases run the gamut of many budgets; the more expensive ones will operate better and last longer. At the top end, luxury models can include LED lights, speakers and smartphone pairing. Do you want all the bells and whistles or is the standard version enough to satisfy your needs?

4. Talk to your partner. He likes to sleep flat, while she prefers to be elevated. Can there be peace in this household? Absolutely. Couples can opt for two mattresses on one frame with individual controls for each side of a specially designed adjustable base. Bedmates can choose the snooze position that works best for them.

5. Ask about warranty. Because there are electronics and moving parts involved, warranty and customer support is important. Before you buy, find out what type of warranty is offered and what it covers.