Can Sleeping on a Supportive, Quality Mattress Transform Your Life?

Can Sleeping on a Supportive, Quality Mattress Transform Your Life?

The Scott Brothers offer 3 smart reasons to upgrade your sleep, upgrade your life!

Drew & Jonathan Scott

One of the most common mistakes we encounter when renovating a home is the resistance to get rid of a bad mattress. Decades-old, super flimsy mattresses, made with low-quality materials – we’ve seen them all. And then promptly removed them. At the end of the day, your mattress is your most important bedroom accessory – and it’s a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

We feel so passionately about the need to sleep on a high-quality mattress that we developed our very own collection of Scott Living Mattresses with Restonic. Whether you prefer plush or firm, springs, latex or foam, make yourself comfortable and learn our top three reasons to invest in your mattress.

1. A supportive mattress is the most important piece of furniture you own

Your mattress should be the most-used piece of furniture in your home – which makes sense, considering you spend about a third of your life sleeping. We might sleep a bit less than the average person, considering our all-over-the-map shooting schedules, but we always furnish our homes and guest suites with quality mattresses.

Your mattress’s comfort level also sets the tone for your entire day, which is why some people frequently “wake up on the wrong side of the bed.” It’s safe to say that buying the right mattress is one of the smartest, most rewarding investments you can make.

2. A supportive mattress improves sleep quality & protects your health

Sleeping on a supportive, quality mattress sets off a domino effect of goodness for your physical and mental health. The better your mattress quality, the higher your comfort level at rest, the deeper and more relaxing your zzz’s. And if you have a partner snoozing next to you – whether it’s human or furry – you’re less likely to be disturbed by their every move.

We love that Scott Living Mattresses have five support zones for correct spinal alignment and offer truly epic levels of comfort, night after night (and nap after nap).

3. A supportive mattress makes you super cool – think of it as your secret super power!

Waking up covered in sweat doesn’t exactly scream “beauty rest” – but that’s exactly what a bad mattress can do, no matter what climate you live in. For a perfectly cool night’s sleep, you need quality materials that will breathe with you.

Scott Living Mattresses feature Restonic’s exclusive 2Cool® fabric technology, which provides a comfortable, cooling sleep surface with a softer touch. Restonic’s patented gel technology literally chills you out, gently moving heat away from your body for a temperature-controlled micro-climate while you sleep.

Translation: No more night sweats!