10 Healthy, Fast Breakfast Ideas for a Busy Morning

10 Healthy, Fast Breakfast Ideas for a Busy Morning

No time for breakfast? Think again!

The average person spends approx. 45 minutes cooking dinner, 25 minutes on lunch and less than 10 minutes prepping breakfast. Mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why isn’t it getting your attention? Our theory? Sleep is high on your priority list so hopping out of bed to cook waffles or pancakes isn’t happening and that’s totally ok. The point of breakfast is to energize you, improve overall performance and deliver vitamins and nutrients to your body.

Everyone needs breakfast and it’s possible with these 10 healthy and quick recipes.

10 quick breakfast ideas

Time is no longer an excuse for skipping the most important meal of the day with these 10 healthy recipes.

Mustard, avocado & dill on a whole wheat muffin with a boiled egg

Everything is better with avocado – especially a toasted wheat English muffin. Add a pinch of dill and a boiled egg and you’ll be a breakfast champion.



Scrambled eggs with beans, tomatoes & pesto

Scrambled eggs take 5 minutes to make and provide lots of protein. Enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin C with ripe tomatoes and add a garlicky kick with pesto. 



Almond butter, yogurt & fruit parfait

On the run? Layer the ingredients together for a delish protein and vitamin packed morning meal.



Nut butter, banana & chia seeds toast

Spread nut butter on whole wheat toast, place slice bananas on top and top with a pinch of chia seeds. This on-the-go meal provides 6 times the calcium than a glass of milk. 



Savory oatmeal with an egg

Prepare the oatmeal like normal, add in a pinch of salt, pepper and cinnamon. Top with an over-easy cooked egg with a sprinkle of cheese on top. 



Stuffed apple surprise

Cut 1 apple in half and remove the core. Drop 2 teaspoons of nut butter with a sprinkle of oats or granola. This healthy breakfast is perfect for fall weather when apples are in season. 


Microwave berries & oats muffin

Add 1/4 cup oats, 1 egg, a handful of berries and a sprinkle of brown sugar to a mug and mix until blended evenly. Microwave on high for 1 minute until firm.





Strawberry granola roll-up

Spread cream cheese on a tortilla shell, stuff with fresh sliced fruit and top with granola.





Apple and cheddar toasty

Top 2 baguette pieces with nut butter, sliced apple and cheddar cheese. Broil for 5 minutes. 





Quinoa breakfast bowl

Fill a bowl with pre-cooked quinoa, fresh fruit, soy milk and top with a pinch of cinnamon.






The morning can be stressful, especially with a to-do list larger than most recipes but it’s doable with these tasty treats. And remember, part of a delicious breakfast is following a sleep routine that allows your body to feel refreshed during the day. It’s the perfect morning combo, actually.