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 Stearns & Foster Lux Estate® Cassatt Ultra Firm 14" Clearance Mattress

$ 3,349.00
$ 2,344.30

Product description

Experience the exceptional support and comfort of the Stearns & Foster Estate 14" Cassatt Ultra Firm Mattress. Meticulously handcrafted, each mattress in our collection is designed to provide enduring quality and unmatched luxury. Just as you invest time and care in designing your bedroom, we invest the same dedication into crafting our mattresses.

Key Features of the Estate 14" Cassatt Ultra Firm Mattress:

  • Craftsmanship and Support: Discover the perfect balance of firmness and support with our carefully crafted combination of IntelliCoil innersprings and premium memory foam. This fusion delivers exceptional support for your body, promoting proper spinal alignment and relieving pressure points.

  • Sustainably Sourced TENCEL Cover: Our eco-friendly TENCEL cover is not only incredibly soft but also designed to wick away moisture, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep environment throughout the night.

  • Exclusive IntelliCoil Innersprings: Featured in our esteemed Lux Estate Collection, our unique IntelliCoil innersprings adapt to your body, providing personalized support and minimizing motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep.

  • Ultra Firm Feel: The Cassatt Ultra Firm Mattress offers an extra firm sleep surface that provides optimal support and a solid foundation for a restful sleep experience.

Additional Details:

  • Ideal for those who prefer an ultra-firm sleep surface with minimal cushioning.
  • Suitable for various body types and sleeping positions.
  • Crafted to provide exceptional support, comfort, and durability.

Choose the Stearns & Foster Estate 14" Cassatt Ultra Firm Mattress and elevate your sleep to new heights of comfort and support. Experience the unmatched craftsmanship and luxury that our mattresses offer for a rejuvenating and restful sleep experience.

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Stearns & Foster Lux Estate® Cassatt Ultra Firm 14" Clearance Mattress