{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Great experience! \n\nMy boyfriend and I were new to our mattress search with zero knowledge on what we wanted. We went into LA Mattress to lay on a few and...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Jamie E."},"time_created":"2016-12-30 10:36:12"},{"url":"","text":"This was one of the best experiences with some some of the nicest people. Definitely somewhere we will be visiting again for our mattress needs.","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Sidney H."},"time_created":"2017-05-13 13:49:32"},{"url":"","text":"Bought my mattress here and found my mattress at a good price compared to the other stores. I recommend making your purchase here.","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Tina H."},"time_created":"2017-05-09 20:30:54"}],"total":244}

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