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Upgrade to an outrageously comfortable mattress. Its risk free, hassle free, interest free.

Free Delivery Setup & Removal

Get next day professional white glove delivery, setup and old bed removal all for free.

Free 120 Night Trial

Zero hassle exchange. The best exchange policy you will never need to use.

Free Deluxe Pillow

With every mattress, you need a matching pillow. That’s why we include a free universally comfortable memory foam pillow.

Free Metal Frame

Proper support is essential for your new mattress set. We include a free quality heavy-duty bed frame with every mattress set.


[{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Awesome service, awesome price,\n\nFree delivery !!! \nFree pillows !!\n\nCarlos is the man !","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Paul O."},"time_created":"2017-11-18 17:13:33"},{"url":"","text":"Overall, I was very satisfied with my service here. Christine, who helped me in the store, was great. She accommodated me shortly before closing time, was...","rating":4,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Paul H."},"time_created":"2017-09-30 20:47:13"},{"url":"","text":"Was here checking out mattresses with a friend. Carlos was super helpful and even gave me a free pillow just for coming by and trying out mattresses with my...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Bryan C."},"time_created":"2017-11-11 15:19:29"}],"total":128,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-los-angeles-6","name":"Koreatown 201 Mattress Store"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Never thought buying a mattress would be so simple and for such good value. No pushy salesmen and very nice showroom.\nTracy was amazing in figuring out...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Ykk R."},"time_created":"2017-11-03 10:11:25"},{"url":"","text":"Such a great experience! Not a typical mattress store, so much friendlier and less pressure. Went to Costco, Ashley Furniture, and a couple others. Still a...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Marlene C."},"time_created":"2017-09-30 20:08:08"},{"url":"","text":"Andrew is the man if you are thinking of buying a mattress. My husband and I went to this shop few days ago to just see what they had, Andrew greeted us...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Toshiko O."},"time_created":"2017-09-01 22:06:55"}],"total":201,"possible_languages":["en","es"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-los-angeles-10","name":"Koreatown Mattress Store"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Awesome, amazing, incredible!! I can't even put into words how happy I am that my boyfriend and I got a mattress from this place. Wayne was absolutely...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Amanda M."},"time_created":"2017-11-06 11:47:21"},{"url":"","text":"I just bought my mattress after sleeping on an air mattress for 2-weeks. \n\nThank you Tracy for helping me decide.","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Jacqueline G."},"time_created":"2017-10-05 14:40:12"},{"url":"","text":"Wayne was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about mattress quality and construction. He helped me find the perfect bed for me. Very happy with my new...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Jia G."},"time_created":"2017-06-22 18:18:57"}],"total":442,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-studio-city-7","name":"Studio City Mattress Store"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Mattress mattress joy joy mattress mattress. Yea I am so so happy with my new mattress. Thanks Larry Legend! I Highly recommend Los Angeles mattress stores","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Ebony W."},"time_created":"2017-10-06 13:25:59"},{"url":"","text":"First post on Yelp and I feel\nObligated to say something!\n\nIf you're looking for a place to waste your time, go to LA Mattress. I went in to buy a king...","rating":1,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Eric C."},"time_created":"2017-10-16 21:04:50"},{"url":"","text":"Just happened by this store, read the good reviews and made a stop. Larry was right there to help and gave me a great discount on an upscale Therapeutic...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Laura D."},"time_created":"2016-07-06 12:26:54"}],"total":166,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-santa-monica-3","name":"Santa Monica Mattress Store"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Checked out a couple mattress stores and this was easily the best one. Great inventory and the salesman Jared helped me find a bed that was in my price...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Kedar K."},"time_created":"2017-08-03 18:05:01"},{"url":"","text":"My boyfriend and I just got a wonderful mattress here. Chuck was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We laid on every single mattress and he encouraged us...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Natalie F."},"time_created":"2017-11-02 14:01:22"},{"url":"","text":"Chuck was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient as I chose a mattress. Great experience. Thanks Chuck!","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Ryan C."},"time_created":"2017-10-28 11:46:40"}],"total":273,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-los-angeles-9","name":"La Brea Mattress Store in Hancock Park"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Elyse was so knowledgeable and helpful and made it really easy to get in and out with a product I'm excited to use! This place is also awesome because they...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Candice F."},"time_created":"2017-06-13 14:50:46"},{"url":"","text":"Awesome service, very knowledgeable and tries to fit your needs. No sales bs! See Ronnie and Elyse they are great!! Clean store.","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Justin R."},"time_created":"2017-11-12 18:09:50"},{"url":"","text":"We moved into town from New York and needed a new bed. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable- the whole process was painless! Would absolutely...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Kate M."},"time_created":"2017-10-29 13:24:08"}],"total":334,"possible_languages":["en","ja"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-los-angeles","name":"West La Mattress Store on Pico Blvd"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"I have had one of the best experiences buying a mattress from Kevin at LA Mattress. He got to the point and was able to correct multiple issue that we ran...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Chris S."},"time_created":"2017-09-28 08:41:41"},{"url":"","text":"Repeat customer...Love Love Love Kevin, he is so so great. Listens to the needs of the customer which is, so the reason I've now come back for the third...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Leah a."},"time_created":"2017-05-29 15:18:37"},{"url":"","text":"My fiance and I happened to stumble upon this store while we were in the area. We were moving and knew we needed a new mattress but hesitant to start the...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"T W."},"time_created":"2017-11-03 14:40:04"}],"total":41,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-culver-city-2","name":"Culver City Mattress Store in Jefferson Park"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"Just reaching out with much gratitude and appreciation!\nMy son recently moved the LA area for an employment opportunity and after a little Mattress due...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":null,"name":"Sergio A."},"time_created":"2017-11-21 10:57:56"},{"url":"","text":"They fraudulently induced us into purchasing a mattress as final sale. We were never informed that all sales are final, nor were there any signs posted...","rating":1,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Jazmine S."},"time_created":"2017-08-13 12:53:27"},{"url":"","text":"I had just relocated to LA from the east coast and had ordered a mattress (weeks ahead of time) to be delivered to my new home from mattress firm. They...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Diana J."},"time_created":"2017-10-14 23:09:30"}],"total":44,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-pasadena","name":"Pasadena Mattress Store on East Colorado"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"German rocks!\n\nWe happened upon this store while returning, unsuccessfully, from shopping for a bed at several other stores. \n\nWe were greeted by German and...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Tuxie T."},"time_created":"2017-11-20 20:40:12"},{"url":"","text":"Hello LA! \n\n LA mattress in Woodland Hills on Topanga is the BEST place to buy your mattress.I shopped at 4 competitor's in the area including the big...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Keith C."},"time_created":"2017-09-18 17:35:44"},{"url":"","text":"Incredible experience. We came in based solely on the positive yelp reviews. German was personable, professional, respectful, and sincerely helpful. He made...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Birdy B."},"time_created":"2017-09-04 14:09:56"}],"total":57,"possible_languages":["en","es"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-woodland-hills","name":"Woodland Hills Mattress Store in Topanga Canyon"}},{"reviews":[{"url":"","text":"For the entire weekend, we were shopping around for mattresses and we came across LA mattress, based on the amount of reviews they get compared to other...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Tommy K."},"time_created":"2017-07-03 19:49:45"},{"url":"","text":"This was my first time purchasing a mattress and Joseph made it such an easy and great experience! He let me take my time, was incredibly knowledgeable,...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Carolyn T."},"time_created":"2017-09-03 11:50:34"},{"url":"","text":"I went to LA Mattress in North Hollywood on a Sunday morning, and I wasn't sure what to expect because it was a bit hidden away. However, upon entry we were...","rating":5,"user":{"image_url":"","name":"Joel P."},"time_created":"2017-03-19 14:09:36"}],"total":15,"possible_languages":["en"],"store":{"id":"los-angeles-mattress-stores-north-hollywood","name":"North Hollywood Mattress Stores"}}]