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Hybrid Mattress in Burbank

Free White Glove Delivery and Setup of your hybrid mattress in burbank

Los Angeles Mattress Stores near burbank will make your hybrid mattress shopping experience easy with 120-night comfort trial and free delivery & setup in burbank. With such a great assortment of hybrid mattress near burbank it’s easy to pick on that suits your needs. Be sure to check us out today!

Sleep soundly. Shop for a hybrid mattresses, bedding by Burbank at Los Angeles Mattress Stores near Burbank. Rest easy with free white glove delivery and 120-night comfort trial.

Hybrid Mattress in Burbank

When you’re on the hunt for a hybrid mattress near Burbank visit us at Los Angeles Mattress Stores serving Burbank and offering free delivery with setup. It’s important to keep your desired level of firmness in mind, too. Prefer a Firm Mattress? Then go with our cushion firm hybrid mattress, firm hybrid mattress or extra firm hybrid mattress styles. If you want a soft hybrid mattress, then look to ultra-plush hybrid mattresses and plush hybrid mattress sets. Be sure to consider the mattress top as well. From Euro top hybrid mattresses to pillow top hybrid mattresses, there’s something for almost every preference at Los Angeles Mattress Stores near Burbank.

Many hybrid mattresses near Burbank at Los Angeles Mattress Stores sold today feature a third layer known as a pillow-top mattress or euro-top top mattress, which is sewn to the top of the comfort layer. A pillow-top hybrid mattress layer is sewn with a gap between the comfort layer, giving it a pillow-like appearance; euro-tops hybrid mattress, on the other hand, are sewn flush with the comfort layer for a more uniform look. Pillow-top hybrid mattresses and euro-tops hybrid mattresses by Burbank offered at Los Angeles Mattress Stores serving Burbank are constructed from a wide range of materials, such as cotton in the mattress or fabric, wool, fiberfill or, in some cases, more latex foam or memory foam. Polyfoam may also be used.

Our Hybrid mattresses at Los Angeles Mattress Stores near Burbank combine a coil support core with a comfort layer made of latex or memory foam. The support core of a hybrid mattress is always outfitted with pocketed coils, which are encased in fabric or cloth for more support and less motion transfer. By definition, a hybrid mattress is constructed with a pocketed coil support core like found in some innerspring mattresses, as well as a comfort layer featuring at least two inches (2″) of memory foam and/or latex. A layer of base foam is usually located beneath the support core for extra padding and stability.

Sleep soundly. Shop for a hybrid mattresses, bedding by Burbank at Los Angeles Mattress Stores near Burbank. Rest easy with free white glove delivery and 120-night comfort trial.

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