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Latex Foam

The origins of latex

Latex is a naturally occurring form of rubber. It's used in many different products like gloves, balloons and mattresses. When used in a mattress it has a buoyant feeling while still providing necessary support. Traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses can't match this feeling while still being supportive.

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Hybrid Gel Foam


The perfect blend of sturdy innerspring support and contouring comfort of memory foam.
Hybrids are ideal choice to enjoy pressure relieving support.

Coils Spring in the mattress

The Contouring Support of Springs

The plush comfort of designer foam

The Plush Comfort Of Designer Foam


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Saved by the Springs
Saved by the Springs

Peek at the benefits
Innerspring Design

Super Strong Coils

Provides a durable, long-lasting sleep surface.


Revolutionary design

Firmer edge, responds to body weight & movements while you sleep.

Air flow in springs

Cooler Sleeping

Innerspring used is 28% cooler than foam mattresses, lets air flow freely.

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Latex Moves With Your Grooves
Latex Moves With Your Grooves

See the advantages

Sleeps Cooler in Summer, Warmer in Winter

A layer of latex for unmatched air channel circulation and greater breathability. Latex is dust-mite free, antimicrobial, and resists mold and mildew.

Resilient feel latex mattress

Resilient feel

It has a uniquely resilient feel that elevates and conforms to your body for perfect support, total comfort, and a truly restorative night’s sleep

weightless latex mattress


That’s the word so many people use to describe how they feel on a latex mattress. Customers new to latex often expect to sink into the mattress, but are surprised to find themselves lifted instead.

Open cell latex

Open cell structure

Latex has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate freely, countering body heat and providing cool, comfortable sleep.

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