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Why Do I Need to Use a Mattress Protector?

Your mattress is essentially a flat box like structure that you sleep on. In most mattresses your body weight is supported by a collection of springs. The springs have a layer of foam and fabric on top of them for comfort and then the whole mattress is encased in a fabric outer layer to make it look nice.

The human body contains a wide variety of fluids and during the night, like it or not, some of these fluids will leak out. These fluids could include perspiration, saliva, blood, tears and others. We cannot avoid this leakage and if you just use a standard sheet between you and the mattress then these fluids will pass through it and into the upper surface of the mattress.

A mattress is the perfect place for dust mites to live, they have a plentiful supply of skin particles passing through the fabric layers, there is moisture to create the mold and bacteria and they are left undisturbed to breed and multiply. A mattress contains millions of these mites all living just below the surface. As you roll over and move about tiny waste particles are released from the mattress into the air just centimeters from your nose and mouth. That's unpleasant enough as it is but it gets worse, dust mites are known to be the cause of the onset of asthma and eczema in some children. Many people, old and young are allergic to the waste products of the dust mite and show symptoms such as wheezing, runny nose and eyes, itchiness etc.

A waterproof mattress protector stops these particles from being released from the mattress, but better still stops any moisture getting into the mattress. Without moisture the mold and bacteria can't grow. The dust mite can only consume skin particles that have been broken down by this bacteria and mold.

After reading this you just might agree that a waterproof mattress protector is a necessity on every bed in your home.

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