Tell me about mattresses for side sleeper.

This is the most common sleeping position in the US – more than half of all adults in the US do the same as you. If this is your position of choice, then your body needs proper cushioning and support to ensure you don’t wake up feeling sore and aching. Your shoulders and hips will be under pressure while you sleep – and if your mattress isn’t firm enough to hold up your body evenly, then you’ll be much more susceptible to shoulder and hip pain.

With this in mind, the best mattresses for side sleeping will conform to the shape of your body, taking the pressure of your shoulders and hips. They will also align your spine to allow your muscles to relax.

You’ll be most comfortable on a medium or-soft mattress.

This will give you extra cushioning, allowing your body to sink slightly into the mattress. If you have something firmer, then your body would simply sit on top of it.

A memory foam mattress is one option for you, because it’s specifically designed to contour to the curves and protruding parts of your body. Alternatively, you could consider a hybrid mattress; coil support system provides great support, while your body sinks comfortably into the foam or quilted layer. You could also go for a latex mattress; its latex layers strike the balance between support and comfort and conform well to your body.