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How to choose the best memory foam mattress?

There are a million and one mattress models out there, so how did we go about selecting the best memory foam mattress for our readers? We analyzed a combination of factors, including:

Comfort – obviously, comfort comes first when it comes to mattresses. And not just initial comfort – we picked models that are known to stand up to the tests of time and remain comfortable years down the road.

Cooling – memory foam has an outdated reputation for being too hot, particularly for hot sleepers and those in warm climates. While traditional memory foam was quite warm, newer styles have much better cooling properties. We made sure to pick models with excellent heat distribution and cooling.

Motion Transfer – for couples, having a bed with minimal motion transfer/good motion isolation is key. A bed with good motion isolation essentially allows you to change positions or get out of bed, without disturbing your sleep partner. Memory foam in general is good for motion isolation, but the models we recommended performed particularly well in this regard.

Versatility – we worked to pick mattresses that are great for all types of sleepers (side sleepers, back sleepers, etc.) Memory foam is a versatile material by nature, but some models are more flexible than others.

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