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Twin XL Mattress in Venice

East Venice is a racial and ethnic mixed-populated area of Venice, separated by Oakwood and Millwood (south-west of Oakwood) by the Lincoln Boulevard, to the east of Mar Vistee, near the Venice High School and the Santa's City Airport Monica. Near Lincoln's commercial strip (including the Venetian boys and girls and the Venice Unified Methodist Church) are almost entirely small homes and apartments, as well as Penmar Park and Penmar Golf Course (adjoining Santa Monica). At present, the existing population (mostly whites, Spanish, Spanish and Asian, with a few other groups) is supplemented by newcomers who have moved to the genotyping. The Lincoln Place housing project, built by the Los Angeles City Housing Authority, is currently being renovated for $ 140 million. The US will raise 99 new apartments at market prices and improve the remaining 696 homes. A new swimming pool, a two-story fitness center, a housing park and an ecologically friendly landscape will be added. Aimco, which acquired the property in 2003, previously participated in the court to determine if Lincoln's place could be demolished and rebuilt. 2010 Aimco agrees with tenants and agrees to reopen the project and return dozens of expatriates to their homes and add hundreds of units to Venice.

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