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Twin XL Mattress in Sunland

The Los Angeles Times reported: "The opponents have also gathered hundreds of people to participate in design meetings, including the seven-hour marathon meeting, which became a forced labor and weeping for immigration. Home Depot, in its turn, retained the team of expensive lobbyists who organized buses for holding rallies in the municipality. In 2006, one of those lobbyists wrote a memorandum, which he promised to feed 150 people in orange shirts while listening to the city council where they would talk to Home Depot, which would cost $ 24,000. The City Council decided that the scope of construction work exceeded the limits of the so-called "tenants' improvements" and thus qualified them as a "project" in accordance with the "California Environmental Quality Act". According to the rules of the CEQA, Home Depot had to prepare a report on the environmental impact, so the company sued the board member Wendy Grole, accusing him of inadequate intervention. The company has paid $ 2 million for lobbying companies for the project. Homelessness, 2010 and after

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