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twin xl mattress in northeast los angeles

More often, overweight, smokers and those who overuse alcohol are more likely to snore. Removal of these factors is therefore an essential part of treatment.

Sleep hygiene and snoring

Higher sleep hygiene and better sleep conditions will reduce snoring inconveniences. Although they do not completely remove the problem, they can reduce the intensity of snoring.

Suitable pillow

Snoring is affected by head position during sleep. An orthopedic cushion that supports the neck to keep the head in a horizontal position is the best solution. The mistake is to sleep on tall, thick pillows that raise the head and keep it in a position where the neck muscles are stretched.

Quality mattress

The most effective rest will provide the body on its back. However, in the case of snoring, it is not the most appropriate, because it can intensify the problem. A quality foam mattress that adapts to the shape of the body (eg Viscogreen, NightFly or thermoelastic foam) ensures good sleep and provides a good rest even on the side. A good solution is eucalyptus or lavender oil mattresses eliminating soothing scents that facilitate sleep.

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